Alyssa Hart Strokes the Electrician’s Cock Until It Spurts Out Jizz

Alyssa Hart jerking cockToday is a good day to be an electrician in Alyssa Hart’s neighborhood because the petite teen hottie is having major power issues and she’s willing to do just about anything to get her issues resolved – including jerking off the electrician’s cock which is what she does in this stunning new handjob episode from The electrician comes over thinking he’s going to make her day but instead the tiny pint-sized teen surprises him with a handjob so good he has no alternative but to explode in her hands.

Getting thanked for nothing has never been as good as it is in this cock tugging video. Alyssa Hart is having issues with her power but when she calls over the electrician, he’s unable to find any problem at all. Feeling bad about wasting his time, the slutty babe decides to thank him for coming over by yanking off his pants and giving his big cock a firm tug. His reaction makes it obvious that this isn’t the kind of thank you he’s used to getting from his clients but he doesn’t object as the very talented teen handjobber polishes his cock with her hands.

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She gently squeezes the big cock’s head wiping off the glistening precum with her thumb as the electrician plays with her nipple. Then Alyssa Hart pins down the electrician’s leg under her leg and tugs his cock using fast and long strokes until a stream of cum comes spurting out of the head, drenching her fingers and hands. You can watch this full length thank you handjob video exclusively at


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Stacie Starr Gives her Step-Son a Dressing Room Handjob and Blowjob

Stacie Starr deep throats her stepsonFor a man, there is no worse fate on earth than having to escort a woman as she goes shopping and unfortunately for Dan, today he gets to deal with just that as he accompanies his super hot step-mom Stacie Starr on her shopping spree. The busty mature brunette desperately needs some lingerie and she tries it on with Dan watching in the dressing room. The sight of Ms. Starr with all her gigantic juicy assets practically hanging out turns Dan on so much and the second she spots the bulge in his pants, she knows its time to give him some much needed relief. The dressing room handjob unfolds vividly in this steamy episode from

There are plenty of things Dan would rather be doing than watch his stepmom try on outfit after outfit but she pulls out a hot piece of negligee that makes it all worth it. The black outfit compliments her massive rack and shows off her long legs and its short enough to where it almost exposes her pussy and ass. Seeing all this excites the poor lad and a tent pitches in his pants. Stacie Starr is stunned at the sight of his boner but she decides to help him take care of it.

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She sinks down to her knees and starts jerking his cock while telling him off. Then she squeezes her big tits together forming a nice comfortable cushion for Dan’s cock before he slides it in between them. Fucking his step-mom’s big tits feels really good but not nearly as good as fucking her mouth feels and the latter is exactly what Dan gets to experience when Stacie Starr takes his cock from her boobs to her mouth and sucks him off until he cums really hard all over her monster juggs!


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Busty Claudia Kealoha Jerks Her Step-Son To Completion

Claudia Kealoha giving a handjobThere is nothing worse than being interrupted right before you cum but this one time the interruption actually works in Jeremy’s favor because when he can’t finish himself off, his perverted super busty step-mom offers to finish him off herself and she does such a spectacular job that he explodes all over her massive boobs within just a few minutes of her tugging his cock. You can see Claudis Kealoha jerking her lucky step-son to completion in this new episode from

Jeremy is enjoying some much needed alone-time which he dedicates exclusively to jerking himself off. Unfortunately for him his step-mom walks in on him right before he cums and once she recovers from her shock, she tells him to hurry up and cum already. The poor lad can’t cum under pressure and with an audience of one watching no matter how fast he beats his meat. So his super horny step-mom takes over the cock jerking duty by grabbing Jeremy’s cock and jerking it hard as she caresses her big boobs.

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Then she lays on her back so Jeremy can fuck her tits before she continues stroking his hard cock. Claudia Kealoha is the handjob queen and she proves this by taking her step-son’s cock and squeezing it at the base while slowly moving her hand up the girth. The combination of the pressure and friction from her hand makes him cum and when he does, his creamy load lands right on her gigantic tits!


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Mistress Tracy Milks Her Slave’s Boner

mistress tracy giving a titjobEverything’s better in 3D and Tracy knows that which is why she hands her male slave a pair of 3D glasses the second he shows up for his weekly milking in this stunning episode from The mature blonde mistress knows that the younger stud has never experienced a 3D handjob before so she intends to make this his best one and she doesn’t disappoint. She gets down on her knees and jerks him off real good until his cock bursts all over her tits!

If there is one thing Joe really looks forward too, it’s his weekly cock milking sessions with his super hot mature mistress Tracy. She can tug a cock like no other chick and always knows how to have him squirming in his seat. What he doesn’t anticipate is the surprise the older woman has in store for him today. She pulls out a pair of 3D glasses and demands that he wears them while she jerks him off. He obliges and soon realizes that everything is indeed better in 3D.

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Her big bouncy tits look even bigger and his cock certainly looks bigger in her hands as she lubes it up before using her fingers to rub the lube into every inch of the cock. She talks dirty to him while playing with his balls and then uses the one hand jerking technique to tug his prick as she flashes her stylishly shaved twat at him. Then the busty mature babe shoves Joe’s dick in between her tits and gets him off with her boobs until he bursts his nut all over them!


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Step-Mom Treats Her Favorite Step-Son to a Kitchen Handjob

stepmom jerking stepson's cockWhen dad is away, the son and step-mom will play – at least that seems to be the case in this new episode from Mike oversteps his boundaries when he approaches his stunning stepmother for a handjob but the surprising thing is that she actually doesn’t say no but instead proceeds to give him one heck of a handjob until his cock bursts and sprays out a massive amount of creamy jizz. This kitchen handjob video is so hot, it should come with a caution label slapped on it.

Most step-sons don’t have good relationships with their stepmothers but that’s clearly not the case here because Mike has a great relationship with his dad’s new younger wife. Their relationship is so great that when he’s desperate to burst a nut, he approaches her and asks for a handjob and she happily obliges. Totally disregarding her marital vows, the naughty step-mom undresses, flaunting her sexy body for Mike before getting on her knees and reaching for his cock. She lubes it up with her saliva and then she gets to work jerking it up and down.

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It’s no wonder Mike’s dad put a ring on it because this woman gives amazing handjobs. She tugs Mike’s cock using a combination of fast and slow strokes and she grabs it and squeezes it hard as if attempting to milk jizz out of it and then she craddles it in between her palms in a prayer-like position before tugging him to completion. That’s a handjob fit for a king and you can see it all happening exclusively at


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Naughty Amo Jerking Her Boyfriend’s Boner

sexy french maid jerking a big bonerAmo is feeling super horny today and she’d like to role play with her boyfriend so she surprises him by donning a very sexy french maid uniform and treating him to a very sensual POV handjob and you get a front row seat to all the action in this very steamy episode from The sexy babe slowly crawls in between her man’s legs and pulls his cock out of his pants and then she jerks him off with both hands until he explodes.

If there is one thing Amo is really good at, it’s role playing. She can morph into any character at any given time and today she feels like being a french maid just for her boyfriend. The lucky stud sits back and watches as she slips into a naughty maid outfit that shows off all her curves and then as she crawls sexily into his laps reaching for his hard boner before yanking it out of his pants. This girl is a pro when it comes to the art of seduction and she’s even better when it comes to jerking cocks.

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She kicks things off with the one-hand movement, stroking the cock from head to bottom with just one hand and then she grabs the base with her left hand while the right hand works the sensitive head. Her two-hand jerking technique is so good it almost makes her boyfriend cum right on the spot so she slows down long enough for him to recover and then she uses a combination of both slow and fast strokes until his nut sack bursts wide open and jizz comes shooting out of his cock!


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Dava Foxx POV Handjob

Dava Foxx jerking cockAre you ready for some POV fun because Dava Foxx sure is. This incredibly stunning MILF is feeling super horny and she’s ready for some much needed playtime with your cock. She strips off all her clothes giving you a generous view of her ample rack and then she looks at you over her stylishly nerdy glasses as she pumps your big cock with her hands until your load comes spurting out into her soft hands. This POV handjob episode from is all about you so sit back, relax and let this brunette beauty pleasure you.

There are very few women on Dava Foxx’s level. She’s sexy, smart and a total freak when it comes to cock. She knows how talented she is when it comes to giving handjobs which is why she wants this to be a very special experience for you. The smiling brunette MILF takes your cock into her hand and she squeezes it gently but firmly and then she applies pressure to your girth while twirling her thumb around your sensitive head. Then she grabs the base of your cock and jerks it hard bringing you to the brink of ejaculation.

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She’s not ready for you to cum yet so she slows her stroking pace long enough for you to recover and then she uses her signature two handed stroking which all but guarantees you will spurt out your cumload and it works because a few tugs using both hands makes you burst in her hands! See the full length video of Dava Foxx milking your cock only at


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Valerie Voxx Strokes Her Step-Son’s Cock to Completion

Valerie Voxx lubes up cockValerie Voxx is an angry woman – angry that her step son just can’t seem to get his act together and keep his room clean. She’s so pissed at him that she gives him a stern lecture and then decides to teach him a lesson in a very unconventional way. Her plan is to tug his cock until he explodes and while we have our doubts about the effectiveness of this kind of punishment we did have a blast watching this taboo handjob video from

Looking at her step-son’s room, it’s not hard to see why Valerie Voxx would be angry and disappointed. It’s messy as hell but she has a remedy for that. She plans to teach him a lesson that involves both of them getting naked and one of them getting splashed with a huge load of cum. The sexy brunette babe starts off by getting completely naked and sinking to her kness where she plays with her pussy while reaching for her step-son’s cock. Then she caresses her perky round tits while gripping his cock hard but that’s just the beginning of all the fun.

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Before long she’s moaning as she pleasures herself while jerking his cock. She’s a multi-tasker who gets off on getting both of them off at the same time and she does an incredibly good job of it but even the most talented multi-taskers have to choose one thing to excel in which is why she decides to focus exclusively on tugging her stepson’s cock and she rubs it vigorously until cum comes gushing out of it!

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Good Wife Giving Hubby a Handjob

milf nikki strokes erect cockEvery hard working man should be lucky enough to have a wife like Nikki waiting for him at home after a long day on the job. Fortunately for Mr. Johnson, he is the man lucky enough to call this sexy brunette lady his wife and when he strolls into their home exhausted from work, she immediately gets on her knees and gives him a handjob as a way of relaxing him. This very public handjob video- it happens on the balcony of their home – awaits you in the member area of

If there is a definition of a good wife in the dictionary, chances are it has Nikki’s name and picture right underneath it because this woman knows how to treat her man right especially after a long day. The minute he complains about his tough day at work, the wheels in the naughty mature babe’s head start spinning and she gets her hubby naked right on the balcony and then proceeds to jerk his cock.

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A little bit of stress leaves his body with every single tug on his cock and he can’t help but throw his head back and moan a little when she fondles his balls while gently jerking his cock. Her stroking pace increases causing Mr. Johnson to grip the edges of his chair as he tries to fight back the explosion building up inside him but he is powerless again Nikki’s incredible cock stroking abilities so he gives in and lets his load loose all over her boobs!

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Shelby Paige POV Handjob and Cumshot

Shelby Paige sensational pov handjobGive Shelby Paige a dick to jerk and she’ll be in seventh heaven. This very stunning blonde teen with slightly droopy tits has a way with her hands that will have your dick spurting out jizz after just a few sensational tugs. In this incredibly hot POV handjob episode from, the sexy handjobber is taking on your hard dick so just lay back, relax and let her take excellent care of you because when she’s done you’ll be exhausted but also very satisfied and happy.

She kicks things off by grabbing your dick with both her hands. She’s a straight forward kind of chick which is why she goes straight for the two-handed technique to get your dick even harder than it already is. With her long blonde hair falling down her face, she bends over to let you ogle her tits as she twists and turns her hands all over your erect prick and then she holds the base with one hand as she uses her other hand and thumb to work your sensitive head over and over again until you can’t take it anymore.

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Then Ms. Shelby Paige gently tugs on your balls as she applies pressure to the base of your cock. She presses onto your meaty dick as she works her hands from the bottom to the top and then back and she uses a circular motion to increase the friction between her hands and your cock’s skin until the combo of the pressure and friction causes you to burst your load into her hands!

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