Krystal Orchid Tugs a Real Dick for the First Time

teen in stockings jerking a thick cockWith her legs spread wide, Krystal Orchid tries to contain her over-excited hormones as she prepares to try out her new glass sex toy. She rubs her clit as she slides the toy inside her moist shaved cunt but her fun is interrupted when Mr. Johnson comes barging into her room uninvited. Embarrassed and shocked to the core, the blonde teen virgin shies away at first but then quickly comes to her senses and seizes this opportunity to play with a real dick instead of a fake one. Her first time tugging a real dick is captured in a hot video only at

Krystal Orchid is a wholesome teen who has never played with a real dick. She daydreams about sex and she is horny as fuck but she has no boyfriend to help curb her urges and give her some much needed dick fix so she resorts to using toys on herself but on this particular day when Mr. Johnson finds her pleasuring herself, the blonde vixen overcomes her shyness enough to boldly ask if she can have a go at stroking his cock.

Krystal Orchid toying her twat blonde virgin jerks a cock for the first time blonde teen stroking a monster cock

Flattered, Mr. Johnson steps out of his clothes and watches in amazement as Krystal Orchid attacks his cock with her hands. She may not have any experience in jerking real cocks but she does a fabulous job and she gets him hard in no time at all and then she tickles his balls while stroking the thickest part of his cock. When one hand won’t do, the blonde hottie wraps both hands around the thick prick and jerks it hard until the perverted older man creams her fingers. You can view the full length video of this teen virgin getting her handjob cherry popped only at

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Amber Bach Tugs A Prick Until It Spurts On Her Massive Knockers

busty babe rubbing cock on her nipples and titsThe scene that awaits Amber Bach when she walks into her living room in this latest episode from is enough to send any woman into a coma so it’s understandable that the busty blonde MILF is pissed as fuck. Her new pillows are laying on the floor and kinky sex toys lay casually on her couch courtesy of a sex party thrown by her horny stepson Billy. Disgusted, the gorgeous mature babe formulates a plan to get even with him but it’s a sinister self serving plan that means she gets to have a go at his prick!

Amber Bach is a self confessed handjob fiend whose desire to jerk off her own step son overrides her fear of getting caught in the act by her hubby. Evidently she has always dreamed about stroking her stepson’s cock because when she walks in unexpectedly and catches him redhanded after he’s obviously thrown a sex party, instead of reporting him to his dad, she decides to punish him by jerking his cock. Billy is confused but he agrees not to tell his dad as the big titted seductress whips out her massive juggs and gets to work tugging his cock.

stepmom jerking off her stepson busty babe smiles as she jerks a cock Amber Bach giving a handjob

Always generous, Amber Bach even lets Billy grope and caress her fun bags as she gives him a sensual handjob then she caresses his balls before focusing all her attention on his big hard prick which she jerks with both hands until a huge blob of cum shoots out and lands on her big rack. There are very few things more visually impressive than watching Amber Bach’s monster boobs bounce as she jerks a cock so log into now to see this mature beauty in action today.

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Caramel Starr Strokes A Huge Sized Boner

busty ebony babe jerking white cockCaramel Starr is one of those chicks who knows exactly what she wants and will stop at absolutely nothing to get it. In this latest handjob video from the very athletic ebony goddess is horny as hell and she knows that the cure to her situation lies in between Billy’s legs so when she gets back from her jog, she seduces him on the couch, showing him her big round chocolate tits until he agrees to let her stroke his massive boner to her heart’s content.

Right from the get go Billy has absolutely no chance against Caramel Starr. She is very determined to milk every last drop of cum from his cock and she is not about to let anything stop her. The ebony seductress lifts up her grey tee shirt and lets Billy grope her perky fun bags while her hand stealthily makes its way down to his crouch area and starts massaging life into his limp cock.

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A few pumps from Caramel Starr’s hand is all it takes for the cock to harden up and once it does, the multitasking ebony nympho spreads her legs and starts fingering her moist twat while tugging away at Billy’s cock. Then she wraps both her hands around the massive boner and uses short and fast tugs to make Billy burst his load. This sizzling hot interracial handjob video along with 73 pictures await you in the member area.

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Charlee Chase Expresses Her Gratitude With A POV Handjob

charlee chase pov handjobCharlee Chase is a very hot MILF with plenty to be grateful for and right now at the top of that gratitude list is a nice grey sweater she got as a gift. She wants to say thank you for her lovely gift so she does what any thoughtful girl would do and that it wrap her hands around a monster boner and stroke it until it squirts cum all over her huge boobs. This latest video from is shot from your point of view so it’ll be like the brunette stunner is giving you a handjob!

Say what you will about Charlee Chase but don’t ever say that she doesn’t have good manners because that simply wouldn’t be true and this POV handjob video is proof that this sexy MILF not only has nice manners but she is incredibly good at polishing cocks with her hands. She has a killer body highlighted by massive round tits that she proudly shows off as she slithers towards the hard prick laying before her.

sexy brunette milf with big tits busty milf stroking a cock messy tit cumshot after a handjob

Then she grabs the prick with one hand and the balls with the other and starts lightly caressing the balls while massaging the hard shaft. When she gets ready to take things to the next level, the busty beauty spreads her legs and fondles her big boobs while jerking off the cock before her. Then she rubs the prick all over her fun bags and nipples before increasing the pace of her stroking causing the prick to explode all over her big tits. You can see the sexy mature babe getting her big boobs creamed only at

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Rebecca Blaze Makes Her Boyfriend Spurt Buckets Of Jizz

flat chested teen babe in socks jerking a cockRebecca Blaze’s hormones are bursting out of control and she needs some sexual relief ASAP so she waltzes into her boyfriend’s room in just her bra and panties with a huge bottle of lubricant ready to get her fun on. If her boyfriend is surprised at her bold entrance, he doesn’t let it show and he takes great pleasure in watching the flat chested brunette teen strip naked before yanking off his pants to give him the handjob of all handjobs. You can see the sexy teen seductress at work in this new episode from

Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and there is no point in denying it it’s desires. This seems to be the message Rebecca Blaze is sending in this insanely hot cock jerking video. She wants to milk every last drop of man goo from her man’s cock and is determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish that mission. She gets his gears grinding by playing with her sweet shaved pussy while he watches and then she sucks him off before grabbing his cock and jerking it like her entire existence depends on it.

Rebecca Blaze strips while her boyfriend watches teen nympho masturbating for her boyfriend teen handjobber stroking a big cock

This teen boner stroker is actually very talented and she deserves an A when it comes to giving handjobs. She steadies herself on her boyfriend’s thigh as she works his hard rod up and down with one hand and teases the very sensitive mushroom with the tips of her fingers before tightening her grip on the prick and going in for the home run finish. The end result is a steady stream of cum shooting out of her man’s cock. You can see Rebecca Blaze and other sexy handjob enthusiasts tugging away at big cocks only at

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Dee Delmar Makes A Masked Stranger’s Cock Burst

mature brunette jerking cockClearly Dee Delmar gets off on being bossed around, otherwise how do you explain the fact that a masked stranger walks into her house demanding a handjob and without any hesitation, the hot MILF drops to her knees and immediately starts working his erect prick with both her hands until jizz shoots out of it. This scenario happens in this very mysterious and yet intriguing cock jerking episode from

A little mystery goes a long way in spicing things up and Dee Delmar is always up for anything anyway so when a strange man walks into her house with his entire body covered up and just his cock sticking through a hole, and orders her to give him a handjob, the older lady doesn’t need to be told twice. She is way more than happy to service the stranger and she kneels before him jerking his pointed dick until it gets even harder.

masked man stuns mature babe submissive woman ordered to her knees by masked man Dee Delmar jerking off a masked stranger

Then the action moves to the couch where Dee Delmar discards her blouse and lets the stranger grope her boobies while she continues to tug his cock. Her arm gets quite the workout as she maintains a very firm grip on the hard cock while stroking it up and down and side to side. The man’s approval is evident from the muffled moans coming though his face mask and even more so from the burst of fresh jizz when he finally cums. Find out why this handjob episode is such a smash hit with handjob aficionados only at

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Blonde Therapist Jerking Off Her Client

sexy blonde therapist jerking off her clientIt takes a man with balls of steel to whip out his big dick halfway through his therapy session and start pleasuring himself right in front of his therapist and yet that’s exactly what Mr. Johnson does in this episode of The perverted dude goes to his rather hot doctor under the guise of wanting to work through his issues but clearly the only thing he wants to get worked out is his monster pecker.

The therapist tries pretty darn hard to stay professional through out the session even when Mr. Johnson reaches over and caresses her inner thighs but swatting off his hand doesn’t deter the very horny man. If anything, her rejection seems to make him more driven so he does the unexpected by pulling out his cock and stroking it right as his therapist watches on in shock.

shocked therapist watches client jerking off therapist watching her client masturbate naughty therapist helps jerk her client off

The longer she watches, the hornier she gets though and soon enough she wants her hands wrapped around that massive prick so down to her knees she goes taking the cock stroking over from Mr. Johnson. She knows she’s violating so many doctor/patient rules but she doesn’t care as she feels that big cock throbbing in her palm. She tugs it up and down using first her right hand and then her left hand until her client explodes. This is the kind of treatment Mr. Johnson came looking for and you can view the full length episode only at

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Zoe Rae Gives Her Boyfriend A Draining Handjob

teen cutie jerking a cockNo woman wants to be cheated on and Zoe Rae is no different. The only thing that sets this teen cutie apart from all other women is the fact that she knows a little secret that no one else seems to have mastered yet. The brunette babe knows that if she empties her boyfriend’s cock before he heads out of the door, chances of him stepping out on her decrease dramatically so she gets to work in this new episode from and she jerks him off so good that he doesn’t have any energy left to mess around with other girls.

Zoe Rae’s boyfriend is heading out when she stops him and immediately assumes the praying position between his knees. He doesn’t know it but the scheming babe is planning to exhaust him by draining every last drop of cum out of his balls. Always up for some play time with his beautiful girl, the unsuspecting dude leans back and watches as his nympho girlfriend starts tugging his cock.

teen with big boobs flashing her tits teen babe jerking cock with one hand Zoe Rae smiling as she gives a handjob

She grabs his balls and juggles them in the palm of one hand whole running the other hand up and down his now hardened shaft. Then she takes off her purple top exposing her braless big tits as she turns all her attention to his throbbing dick. With her hand firmly wrapped around the prick, Zoe Rae jerks it hard while biting down on her lower lip until her man ejaculates. Seeing him cum that hard assures her that she won’t be cheated on, at least not today!

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Massage Handjob from Molly Bliss, the Teen Masseuse

teen masseuse jerking a big bonerBen is Molly Bliss’s favorite client not because he’s a really nice guy or even a big tipper but because he has a giant schlong dangling in between his legs. The sexy brunette masseuse truly enjoys cradling his monster cock in between her tiny hands and stroking it until it bursts which is exactly what happens in this new massage handjob video from

Molly Bliss is a very popular masseuse because she knows exactly how to take care of her clients. They come in stressed out and exhausted and she uses her hands to magically work all the kinks out of their bodies. Her massage services are all-inclusive meaning they always come with a happy ending especially if the client laying on the table before her is none other than Ben, the man with a massive boner. His visits always excite the hot masseuse because they are a chance for her to play with her favorite big toy.

Molly Bliss jerking a cock teen cutie giving a handjob smiling teen handjobber stroking cock

She slides off the towel covering his prick and lubes up her hands really well then she expertly holds down the base of Ben’s prick as she works the sensitive cut tip with just her finger tips. Molly Bliss is a certified handjob slut so it doesn’t take long for her to get her client’s cock hard as a rock. The sight of the erect penis in her hands drives her absolutely crazy with lust and she takes off her orange top to give Ben an eyeful of her perky tits and extra dark areolas as she moves in for her final cock tugging maneuver. With both her hands wrapped around the big cock, the teen handjobber twists and turns from top to bottom until Ben cums hard.

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Logan Lace and Sunny Join Forces for a Topless Double Handjob

two slutty teens jerking a big cockCuriosity killed the cat but in the case of Logan Lace and Sunny, curiosity leads to some sensual tit fondling and eventually a stunning, jaw dropping topless double handjob in this latest episode from The very frisky teen pair is chilling on the couch after an intense work out at the gym when much to their dismay they uncover Sunny’s dad’s big secret – he’s into porn and he has left his porn imprints all over the place. The girls are shocked but also turned on and soon enough, they give into their bi-curious desires and start caressing each others’ tits.

Logan Lace cups one of Sunny’s small perky tits and lowers her lips to the dark areola, sucking it gently and it is right at that moment that Sunny’s cousin walks in on the naughty teen sluts. Watching two hot chicks getting it on is every man’s fantasy and this dude is no exception. The sight of his cousin getting busy with a hot brunette causes a bulge to form under his towel and the girls squeal with delight as they invite him over to join in all the fun.

logan lace sucking sunny's tit blonde and brunette teen babes playing with each other's boobs teen boobies splashed with creamy cum

Their idea of fun involves treating the lucky fella to a double handjob so good that he has a hard time not ejaculating a few seconds into the cock stroking. Logan Lace reaches for his balls while Sunny focuses on the sensitive tip of his massive boner and both chicks tug, stroke and tickle until a huge load shoots out of the throbbing dick and lands on their sexy perky tits. This full length sensational two-girl handjob video can be viewed in its entirety only at

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