Exchange Student Gives A Sensual Handjob

sexy blonde tugging a big prickThis latest episode from shows why opening your home up to exchange students is a good idea that may just end up working out in your favor in the end – ask Billy who takes in Caroline and then gets a sensual handjob from him as a token of her appreciation for his kindness.

Billy is a very horny guy who likes to take in naïve foreign exchange students with no place to go. They think he’s being nice and kind but he has other motives and Caroline, the sexy student crashing at his pad finds out the second she comes back home from school. As the duo chill on the couch making small talk, the horny guy decides to school Caroline about the customs in her new home which involve treating her host to a handjob. The slender babe is all for it so she helps Billy out of his shorts and starts playing with his dick until it hardens. Then she wraps both hands around the throbbing hard cock and jerks it hard before holding the base of the shaft as she tenderly massages the extra sensitive tip.

exchange student getting schooled on the couch blonde student jerking cock topless blonde giving a handjob

The blonde cock stroker then zooms in for the finish by delivering firm fast tugs to Billy’s cock making him throw back his head as his whole body tenses up in preparation for a massive explosion. The moans escaping from his open mouth are all the encouragement Caroline needs to jerk him off faster and faster until he bursts his nut! The entire exchange student handjob episode along with 37 high resolution pictures can be seen exclusively on

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Zoey Portland Gets Her Big Fake Tits Creamed

mature blonde stroking a prickCougars don’t come any hotter than Zoey Portland. She’s not just incredibly sexy with a tight and toned body that women half her age would die for but she’s got giant fake juggs bursting out of her chest and she is horny as fuck. She has a thing for big cocks especially if they are attached to young studs and in this latest cock tugging episode from, the naughty cock starved cougar gets to have her way with a throbbing hard cock by milking every last drop out of it.

William is a lucky man who has no clue his day is about to get a whole lot more exciting thanks to Zoey Portland’s uncontrollable hormones. He unloads some boxes for the older woman and she decides to return the favor by helping coax out the load that’s weighing his balls down. She puts on a rather good show for him as she strips naked, showing off that little sexy body of her and then she gets down on her knees to worship his big cock with her hands.

busty blonde cougar fondling her big tits Zoey Portland prepares to give a handjob busty cougar jerking off her toyboy

A bottle of lube is all it takes to get the hand play going and the mature blonde nympho takes her sweet time massaging the lubrication into the throbbing prick. She grabs the base of the prick and squeezes it hard as her fingers dig into William’s manhood ever so gently. Zoey Portland delivers steady rhythmic strokes to the pecker and then she straddles the hot stud and plays with her pussy while still jerking him off. When he gets ready to cum, he sprays his jizz all over the sexy babe’s big fake tits.

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Busty Doctor Gives A Boner Special Hand Treatment

busty doctor milks a big dickMike is under an extreme amount of stress that he can’t properly function at his job so he calls in sick and asks to see the company doctor hoping to get to the root of his stress. The minute Dr. Ferrera lays eyes on the tattooed stud, she knows the only cure for his stress is a sensual handjob that will give him some much needed relief so the good doctor immediately gets to work jerking off Mike right in her office and the insanely hot doctor’s office handjob video is exclusively available at

Dr. Ferrera is a very good looking woman with gigantic tits that have a hard time staying put in her white coat. She patiently listens to Mike describing his condition and then she suggests the most non-traditional treatment he has ever heard of. Her unconventional treatment involves her tugging his hard cock and since the poor guy is in so much pain, he readily agrees with the naughty doctor. She unzips his pants and reaches for his pecker, stroking it gently at first while giving her patient more than an eyeful of her massive boobies.

Ferrera rubs a cock on her tits doctor's office handjob with two hands sexy doctor makes a cock cum with her hands

The patient thrusts his pelvis into the busty doctor’s face as she utilizes the two-hand handjob technique to cover every inch of his long dick. When the cock starts to dry out a bit, Dr. Ferrera spits on it lubricating it and then she rubs the sensitive tip all over her dark areolas before gripping Mike’s cock really hard and jerking him to completion! There is no doubt that this intense doctor handjob is exactly what Mike needed to rid him of his stress.

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Mikki Lynn Gives A Magnificent Office Handjob

hot milf jerking a hard prickLike most women of a certain age, Mikki Lynn knows that the only way she can maintain her youthful appearance is by slathering tons of cum all over her face. The only problem is that the hot MILF doesn’t know where she can get the jizz for her cum facial but she knows a good delivery service that happily sends some over to her in this very steamy episode from

The delivery service doesn’t send over cum in a tin but rather a horny dude with a cock ready to be milked and Mikki Lynn wouldn’t have it any other way. She strips off her clothes and shows off her sexy tight petite body before discarding her bra and panties and pouring lube all over Billy’s cock preparing it for some serious tugging. The blonde vixen looks up at Billy as she uses both hands to stroke his hard cock cradling it in her palms like it’s the Holy Grail. Then she spreads her long legs in her office chair exposing her shaved twat and rubbing Billy’s cock all over her moist clit and pussy lips.

sexy blonde milf lubing up a dick Mikki Lynn tugs a fat prick blonde hottie kissing a big dick

After giving the throbbing prick some pussy love, Mikki Lynn plants a wet kiss on the length of the shaft and then resumes with the very impressive cock tugging. This is one of the best office handjobs to ever be filmed and watching the sexy blonde vixen wanking Billy off in her cubicle will make you explode in your pants. Thankfully though, when Billy gets ready to cum, his cumload is not wasted in Mikki’s hands and you can see where exactly it lands only at

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Stacie Starr Trades A Handjob For A Pizza

delivery man gets lucky with busty momWe’ve all seen the pornos where the delivery guy gets lucky with the chick who ordered food or furniture or whatever but that is not what happens in this latest handjob video from The chick who ordered a pizza is nowhere in sight when it eventually shows up but her stepmom is home and unfortunately for the pizza delivery guy, she doesn’t have a single penny on her to pay him but fortunately for him, she is also a very creative thinker who decides to pay him in kind.

By in kind, we mean the busty MILF offers to give the delivery man a handjob in exchange for the pizza. After explaining her sob story to him about how her purse was stolen earlier in the day, she proposes to jerk the horny guy off as payment for her dinner and he readily agrees. The two get comfy on the couch and Stacie Starr pops her gigantic tits out of her dress so the delivery man can suck on them while she caresses his boner through his shorts. Then the horny stepmom turns all attention to the man’s big prick rubbing it tenderly at first before grabbing it hard and stroking it with all her might.

busty milf jerks off a monster prick stacie starr grabs dick with two hands busty mom jerking off a delivery man

She leans in a little closer and wraps both hands around the erect cock stroking it with a steady rhythm while occasionally playing with his shaved balls. This is without a doubt the best form of payment this delivery man has ever received in his entire career and you can see him getting jacked off by the sexy Stacie Starr in one very steamy cock tugging video and 61 high resolution pictures only at

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Kriss Kelly Treats A Male Student To A Classroom Handjob

mature babe gets her tits creamedWith a sexy MILF like Kriss Kelly for a teacher, it’s no wonder that most of her male students have a hard time concentrating in her class. All the students dream about is how good it would feel to cum all over her big boobs and that wish comes true for one lucky student who not only gets to cum on this over 40 MILF’s big tits but he gets a handjob from her right in the classroom. The very exciting classroom handjob video is accompanied by 303 high resolution pictures and they can be viewed right now at

Jimmy is both unlucky and lucky. Unlucky because he can’t seem to control his hormones which means he is horny all the time; and lucky because his teacher is one very stunning MILF with a massive rack. On this particular day the poor student is having a tough time focusing on anything his teacher is talking about so she quickly figures out that the only way his level of concentration will shoot up is if his nut sack is empty. Loosely translated, that means the very perverted teacher must give her student a handjob until he shoots out his load. He readily agrees to her unorthodox help and then the two of them go at it in the class.

kriss kelly massages a big dick mature teacher jerks off a student busty milf gets her tits jizzed on

Kriss Kelly unbuttons her shirt and pops out her juicy huge boobes as she wraps one hand around Jimmy’s monster rod. It’s already hard so she strokes it slowly and then lubricates it by sucking on it a bit. Then she turns things up a tad by jerking the big dick really fast driving her hung student over the edge of ecstasy. When he gets ready to nut, he splashes his seed all over the busty mature MILF’s dangling big tits.

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Chrissy Ann Surprises Her Hubby With A Sensual Handjob

blonde woman jacking a cockWomen everywhere wondering what they have to do to spice up their marriages should take a cue from Chrissy Ann who decides out of the blue to surprise her hubby with a handjob so good that she milks every last drop of jizz out of his big cock right on their balcony. The good wife can be seen servicing her lucky husband with her hands only at

Chrissy Ann decides to return home earlier than expected from her tennis training session because she is horny as fuck and she wants to surprise her husband. The unsuspecting fella is chilling on the balcony when his freaky wife walks up with a bottle of lube and makes her intentions known to him. He obviously doesn’t put up a fight and instead sheds his pants so his hot blonde wife can have her way with his man meat. She can’t hide her delight at the sight of his big boner and she immediately gets down to business.

wife prepares to lube a cock naughty wife jerking off her husband chrissy ann milking her husband's dick

The cute babe takes off her shirt exposing her perky big tits and pours the lube all over her husband’s dick and then slowly starts massaging it in making sure that every bit of skin is covered by the lube, then she wraps her hands around his now hardened prick and jacks it hard using both hand. This two-hand cock jerking technique is a favorite for both of them and you can see just how effective it is in the sensual handjob video and pictures at

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Sasha Foxxx Milks A Big Boner On The First Date

sexy teen jerking a cockMost guys would be more than happy to get a hug and a kiss on a first date but Billy lucked out big time when he went on his first date with the stunning Sasha Foxxx because she surprised him with a handjob so sensual he had no option but to burst his nut. Their memorable date and eventual handjob fun can be viewed in the latest cock stroking episode on

Sasha Foxxx and Billy really fancy each other and the chemistry between them is so off the charts as they hang out that the brunette teen gets nervous and doesn’t know what to do with herself and her hands so Billy suggests that she should keep her hands busy by wrapping them around his big throbbing dick and jerking it hard. Never one to shy away from an adventure, the teen stunner pins Billy’s legs underneath her long slender legs and grabs his cock with her right hand and starts jerking it with all her might.

hot teen playing with a big cock Sasha foxxx giving a sensual handjob sexy teen jerks a cock with 2 hands

She bites her bottom lips as her grip tightens around the pulsating cock in her hands and her heart beats faster and faster as the pace of her stroking increases. Billy is in disbelief at the fact that the sexy teen is a certified handjob expert and his moans let her know that she is doing something right. The handjob treatment makes this the best first date the lucky stud has ever been on and Sasha Foxxx doesn’t ease up on the cock tugging until Billy explodes all over the place! This is one handjob date you want to witness first hand and you can check it out right now only on

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Krystal Banks Tugs A Massive Boner

teen cutie stroking a big dickJoey has got a crush on the hot teen who lives next door but she doesn’t seem to have any interest in him until he takes matters into his own hands and decides to impress her not with his charming personality but with the very impressive big dong dangling in between his legs. The minute the big schlong shoots out of Joey’s pants, Krystal Banks is besides herself with excitement and reaches out and starts stroking the cock in this really awesome POV handjob video from

Regardless of what you may have heard, size does matter to women and Joey is smart enough to know this which is why when he’s trying to get Krystal Banks’ attention, he yanks out his dick and even though she feigns shock and even yells at him at first, her curiosity soon gets the best of her and she decides to explore the long hard cock with her hands. The handjob treatment she gives the massive prick shows that this is not the first time she’s done this kind of thing and she expertly maneuvers her hand around the big dick stroking it from head to base and back.

babe giving a reluctant handjob Krystal Banks compares a big dick to a remote control smiling teen stroking a big cock

The sexy teen babe alternates between fast strokes and slow strokes, caressing her perky small tits as she playfully tugs the cock being thrust in her face. She also pays some attention to Joey’s balls, gently fondling them while jerking his dick and when he gets ready to burst his load, he joins forces with the teen nympho, wrapping his hand around her hand on his dick so together they can jerk him to completion. Their combined stroking makes him spurt out creamy jizz which lands squarely Krystal Banks’ perky small tits.

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Granny Sugar Makes A Gigantic Cock Burst

older granny giving a titjobIn case you needed proof that women get hornier as they age, look no further than this smoldering hot handjob and titjob video on featuring a busty blonde grandma jerking a huge boner with her hands and big saggy tits until it explodes. This particular episode is a fan favorite and once you check out not just the mature handjob video but the 163 high resolution pictures accompanying it, you’ll understand why fans keep giving it five stars.

Mrs. Sugar is an older lady who by all accounts should probably be thinking about knitting than cocks but the nympho in her is alive, active and roaring to go and when the blonde granny comes face to face with Billy, her inner slut comes forth with a vengeance and before long the naughty grandma is fishing for Billy’s cock in his pants so the two of them can have some fun. She is however not prepared for the monster rod that pops out of the pants because even though she has seen plenty of cocks in her time, she has never seen one quite as big as Billy’s. Not that she is complaining though!

blonde granny jerking a cock grandma giving a sensual handjob granny giving a one hand handjob

The older handjob slut grabs the erect penis and caresses it tenderly, massaging the sensitive head as well as the length of the prick. She uses her right hand to jerk off the big dick and when it gets tired, she switches over to her left hand before using both hands at the same time. And just when Billy thinks things couldn’t get any better, Mrs. Sugar shoves his dick in between her saggy melons and squeezes it with her fun bags until it explodes. You can see the big dick drenching this sexy granny’s big tits only at

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