Rihanna Gives Her Husband A Very Public Handjob

iblack wife jerks off white husbandEveryone knows that black chicks are freaky as hell and they would do absolutely anything for their men. In case you need proof of a black babe’s loyalty to her man look no further than this interracial handjob video from ClubTug.com featuring the very sexy Rihanna jerking off her lucky husband on the balcony of their hotel room just because he has a thing for getting handjobs in public.

Wives don’t come any better than Rihanna. She knows her husband enjoys getting his cock stroked in public places so while on vacation, she decides to treat him to a very memorable and sensual handjob right on their hotel room balcony. Knowing that there may be people watching the couple getting freaky excites both the husband and wife and the duo give the performance of their lives. Rihanna parts her green top and exposes her small but perky tits with dark nipples so her husband can stare at them while she caresses his white dick with her soft black hands.

babe pours lube on cock before handjob rihanna jerks off a cock with two hands interracial handjob picture

The color contrast between Rihanna’s black hands wrapped around his hard white dick sends him off to ecstasy-land and he can’t help but moan as the very excellent handjobber does what she does best. She pours lube all over the big dick and massages it into the skin working her way from the top to the bottom then she twists and turns her hands around the cock, feeling it throbbing in her palms and when the sexy black babe feels her hubby about to explode, she begs him to cum on her chocolate tits. Does he honor her request or not? The only way to find out is by watching this very steamy interracial handjob video in its entirety along with a photo set of 52 high resolution pictures only at ClubTug.com

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Cheyenne Leigh Dared To Give A Stranger A Handjob And Make Him Cum

blonde babe jerking off a strangerIf you want to see just how much of a freak your wife is, dare her to jerk off a stranger and if she actually does it, then you know without a shadow of doubt that you’re married to a total freaky. Billy confirmed his wife’s slutty status when he dared her to give the stranger next door a handjob and she not only gave him the most awesome handjob but she made him explode all over the place and you can see the entire dare handjob video along with 45 pictures only at ClubTug.com

Billy and his wife, Cheyenne Leigh are spending a few nights at a hotel and in a bid to make their hotel stay unforgettable, the duo decides to get naughty. Billy foolishly dares his wife to give the man next door a handjob thinking she would never do it but he underestimates his own wife and she is more than determined to win the dare so she calls over the neighbor and undresses him while her hubby watches on the sofa right next to her and then the blonde vixen leans into the stranger’s lap and starts playing with his cock.

wife strokes another man's cock while husband watches Cheyenne Leigh giving a two hand handjob mature blonde makes a man cum

Billy doesn’t know how far his wife will go with the stranger but Cheyenne Leigh is determined to make the lucky man cum with her hands so she lubes up his now hardened dick and starts stroking it slowly but firmly. The very skilled mature babe lets her saggy tits hang out as she jerks the stranger’s cock with one hand and when his body tenses up, she wraps both her hands around his cock and jerks it really fast with two hands until jizz comes spurting out of the tip of his cock. Needless to say, the blonde hottie wins the bet and Billy now knows never to dare his own wife to jerk off anybody but him!

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Mrs. Vanderberg Gets A Messy Facial After Giving An Office Handjob

mature woman gets a messy facialSimply put, Mrs. Vanderberg is horny. She hasn’t had any dick action in a while and her hormones are none too happy about that so she decides to remedy the situation by inviting her step-son into her office for a little bit of fun. He is confused because he doesn’t want to step into his dad’s territory but as you can see in this latest episode of ClubTug.com, it doesn’t take a lot to convince him to drop his pants and get his uncut prick stroked.

Mr. Vanderberg’s hubby is not meeting his wife’s sexual needs so she decides that when the cat is away, this horny and perverted mouse will play and there is no better place to play than in her office with her hung step-son. She massages his big dick with her hands until it hardens and the head pops out of the foreskin and then she tightens her grip on the very erect penis and strokes it fast before slowing down just a tad to give the step-son time to recover from all the sensations running up his spine.

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The older woman straddles her step-son and rubs his cock against her panties and pussy while jerking him hard. She uses one hand first and then two hands, twisting slowly and gradually increasing the pace of her strokes and when he is about to burst a nut, the mature stepmom gets on her knees before him and his white seed lands on her face and neck. This is one hot mature office handjob video you’ll be replaying back over and over again and you can see it in its entirety along with 135 pictures only at ClubTug.com

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Abby Gives A Handjob In Exchange For A Paint Job

topless teen strokes a monster prickMoney is so overrated, especially if you have none of it and you have to come up with a very creative way to pay for services rendered but slutty Abby is a fast thinker by nature so when a painter gives her apartment a face lift, the cash-strapped teen hottie decides to pay him back by jacking his cock until he explodes. Their uber fun handjob video along with 52 pictures await you inside the ClubTug.com member area.

Abby is cute, fit and unfortunately broke. She calls over a painter to work on her apartment but neglects to mention the fact that she has no money to pay for the work. When the guy gets the job done and comes to collect his money, the sexy teen babe tells him she doesn’t have it and instead offers him a handjob. Only a fool would turn down a cock jacking from this super sexy barely legal teen and the painter is not a fool so he sits down on the couch and watches as Abby strokes his cock until it hardens.

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The teen with small tits then wraps both hands around the now rock hard cock and jacks it hard. The sensation from her bare skin and the gloves she is wearing feels so good to the painter and no matter how much he tries to fight it, he can’t hold the orgasm building up inside him for much longer and a few quick strokes from the gloved hands cause his throbbing big cock to explode all over the place.

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Teen Alyssa Hart Milking Her Step-Dad’s Monster Dong

teen Alyssa Hart grabs a monster cockThis cock tugging episode from ClubTug.com gives you an insight into why Alyssa Hart is considered a darling by men of all ages around the globe. She is short and tiny but the way she tackles her step-dad’s monster prick after she catches him peeping at her while she showers will give you an instant boner.

Everyone knows that despite her tiny frame, Alyssa Hart is a boss. She dominates a room without saying a word but in this handjob video, she is dominating a massive cock and at no point does the cock stand a chance against the cute teen. She straddles her horny step-dad and grabs his big cock with both hands and then proceeds to jerk it with all her might. The petite hottie doesn’t even break a sweat as she switches between jerking the cock with one hand and using two hands. She grinds her tight pussy against the balls as her hand moves up and down the thick dick. The position she is in makes it seem like she is jerking her own cock which is exactly what she is trying to emulate.

Alyssa Hart jerks off a cock with two hands teen babe Alyssa hart straddles her stepdad Alyssa hart makes her stepdad cum with her hands

Alyssa Hart has always wondered what it feels like when men jerk their cocks and she gets a chance to live out this fantasy of hers thanks to her perverted stepfather who doesn’t mind offering up his big cock for the sexy teen to play with. She is a pro at giving handjobs and soon enough, creamy white liquid shoots out of the mushroom head courtesy of her persistent stroking. You can see this naughty teen jerking off her stepdad only at ClubTug.com

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Slutty Skylar Green Jerking Off A Dude In Detention

Skylar Green playing with a big cockThis latest updated from ClubTug.com features the very sexy Skylar Green jerking off Alex in detention. It’s titled “School Slut Busts Nuts” and it will have you wishing you had girls as naughty as this gorgeous blonde teen while you were in school! Back in the day detention was something everyone avoided but this video clearly shows that these days detention is the place to be especially if you want to get a handjob from a really hot chick.

If trouble had a name, it would be Skylar Green. She is always stirring shit up which can be a good or bad thing depending on what side of the rules you fall on. If you’re the enforcer of the rules, then this gorgeous teen is a thorn in your side as her teachers quickly discover. She gets in trouble at school and gets sent to detention where she makes the acquaintance of a male student called Alex. The two make small talk as they wait on their teacher but before long, the small talk turns to talk of a handjob and the whore in Skylar rears her head determined to milk thick cum out of Alex’s big dick.

Skylar Green tugging a male student's prick sexy blonde teen school girl jerking cock Skylar Green grips a cock and jerks it hard

Alex had no idea detention could be this much fun but is down for whatever Skylar Green wants and he lays back on the desk as the blonde teen nympho caresses his dick with her hand. She spits on that big prick and twiddles her thumbs all over the sensitive mushroom head. Always the considerate slut, she bends over to give Alex a view of her perky small tits as she continues to tug on his cock and soon enough, the lucky stud explodes in her soft hands. If being in detention means getting such a sweet release, then there is no doubt that Alex will be getting in trouble often just so he can get a repeat performance from Skylar!

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Bossy MILF Sarah Blake Milks A Thick Prick

Milf Sarah Blake teases a cock with her tongue and handSarah Blake is bossy to the max and she makes absolutely no apologies for it. She knows exactly what she wants and will do absolutely whatever it takes to get it. Right now she wants to make Billy’s big cock spurt out cum and that is exactly what she does in this new stellar handjob video update from ClubTug.com

This redhead perverted MILF is the reigning boss lady and she wants the whole world to know it. She is ambitious and very straight forward when it comes to her needs and when she sets her sight on something, she gets it. She can’t get Billy’s dick off her mind as she works in her posh office so when he walks through the door, she immediately unzips his pants and starts drooling over the big cock point straight at her face. Sarah Blake is used to people bowing down to her but this time around she is the one bowing down to the thick prick before taking it in her hands and jerking it. The sensual handjob starts off slow but the perverted MILF soon revs things up by grabbing the base of the big dick and pouring a ton of lube all over the cut before tugging the rod hard. She twists it side to side and then switches to a one-hand handjob while the other hand runs down the length of the cock and eventually travels down and caresses Billy’s big balls.

Bossy older pervert Sarah Blake pours lube all over a big cock redhead milf sarah blake jerking cock the lovely milf sarah blake giving a rough handjob

The mature boss lady is feeling extra frisky so she sticks out her tongue as if about to lick Billy’s throbbing hard cock but then decides to just ram it in between her tits. The teasing drives Billy crazy but it seems to do the trick because he eventually cums and you will not believe where his huge load lands. You can take a while guess or you can view Sarah Blake putting her amazing handjob skills to very good use over at ClubTug.com

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Cherry Poppins, The Teen French Maid Polishes A Cock

Cherry Poppins grabs a big cock and jerks itCherry Poppins is new on the job and language is a huge barrier between her and her employer. The naughty teen is clearly not so good at her job but what she is good at is polishing her boss’ cock and you can see her put that one skill to excellent use in this latest update from ClubTug.com

Even though Cherry Poppins loves to clean up and honestly gives it her best shot, she was clearly not cut out for this kind of work but there is one kind of activity her hands are terrific at and that is polishing cocks. When her boss starts fussing at her about something, the sexy babe doesn’t understand what he’s talking about but she knows that the easiest way to calm him down is by giving him a handjob so that is exactly what she does. She throws him on the bed and playfully runs her dusting brush up and down his body before getting him naked and playing with his dick until it hardens in her hands.

Cherry Poppins strokes a cock with one hand Cherry Poppins straddles her boss and wanks his cock teen french maid Cherry Poppins makes a cock explode

The lucky guy can’t believe how incredibly good his foreign maid is at tugging cocks and his excitement increases when she straddles him in reverse cowgirl and gives him a nice view of her sexy ass while she pumps his cock with all her might. She grabs the big dick with one hands and works it up and down and side by side leaning in closer to examine its mushroom head while still jerking it hard. You won’t believe how long it takes her to get her boss off – or even where his load lands once it escapes from his cock.

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Oxanna Teaches Her Group How To Give A Handjob

brunette teen oxanna jerking a big cockNo one gives a raunchier handjob than Oxanna. She maybe just a teen but she is more experienced in milking cocks than the adults in her group which is why she is selected to demonstrate to the group how to properly jerk a cock. Never one to miss an opportunity to show off her cock wanking skills, Oxanna steps up to the plate and gives the perfect handjob demonstration anyone in the group has ever seen. The team handjob lesson can be viewed in its entirety at ClubTug.com

Oxanna is a brunette cute on a mission to teach the world how to give proper handjobs. She is a naughty little slut who has gotten men off with her hands numerous times and she has acquired cock stroking skills along the way that make her a pro in this particular department. Her group selects her as the perfect candidate to teach everyone how to relieve a cock of all its contents using hands and she happily obliges. She gets completely naked and straddles a volunteer before taking his limp cock in her fingers and rubbing it gently until it hardens in her palms.

oxanna giving a two-hand handjob smiling babe oxanna stroking cock brunette teen oxanna demonstrates how to give a handjob

The teen nympho then holds down the base of the thick rod as she grips the head with her right hand and then gently but firmly moves her hand up and down the prick before using circular motions to coax pre-cum out of the cock. She smiles as she feels the man’s balls and cock tighten in her hands and that serves as her cue to increase the pressure so she wraps both her hands around his cock and jerks it hard until he explodes all over her fingers. This is without a doubt the most interesting cock tugging demonstration this group has ever witnessed.

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Penny Learns That Giving A Handjob Is The Easiest Path To Popularity

teen-with-small-tits-milks-giant-prickThere are three kinds of girls in college – the sluts, the popular chicks and the geeks. The popular chicks get all the guys, the sluts get laid and forgotten and the geeks don’t get laid or asked out on dates period. Penny is too cute to be a geek and she desperately wants to be popular without being slutty so she turns to her uncle for advice and the advice he gives her is so unorthodox that you have to see it for yourself in this ClubTug.com update to believe it!

Penny’s uncle is a hands on kind of guy. He believes that the best way to learn is through demonstration so when Penny asks him for advice on how to be part of the popular clique at her new university, he wisely advices her that giving handjobs will help her accomplish her mission faster. Being the gullible teen she is, the big-eyed babe believes her uncle and offers to demonstrate her handjob giving skills on him. He eagerly agrees and the teen nympho gets to work.

teen-babe-two-hand-handjob teen-babe-penny-stroking-big-cock cock-explodes-in-teen-hands

Mr. Johnson’s dick is so big compared to Penny’s tiny hands but that doesn’t stop the hot teen babe from wrapping both hands around it and stroking it with all her might. She starts off with slow strokes to get her uncle excited and when he’s nice and hard, she increases the pace of her stroking until he explodes and drenches her hands. A big smile creeps on Penny’s face as the cum sips through her manicured fingers – she is definitely ready for college and she knows without a doubt that she’ll be one of the popular students thanks to her impressive cock stroking skills.

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