Busty MILF Jerks Cock For A Raise

blonde milf jerking big cock with one handWhat Gina wants, Gina gets – at least that’s the lesson we learned from the latest episode of ClubTug.com where the dominant and super bossy MILF pulls out all stops to get a raise she so desperately wants. Proving that nothing will stand between her and extra money, the busty blonde MILF approaches her boss’ son and jerks his cock so well that she is basically guaranteed to get exactly what she wants and probably so much more.

Some women sleep their way to the top but other women like Gina prefer to stroke cocks in order to get ahead. This hardworking older babe knows she is due for a raise but when her company doesn’t offer her one based purely on her performance, she resorts to Plan B which includes performing using a skill she didn’t acquire from her school days. The sexy mature blonde woman knows that her boss would never accept a handjob from her in exchange for a raise but the boss’ horny son would so she makes her way over to him and the rest is history.

bossy milf undressing before giving a handjob milf rubs her clit while giving a handjob sexy babe licks cum off the tip of a cock

Try as he might, Bryant can’t resist Gina’s charms. He actually has no alternative but to let her have her way with him. She kneels down in between his legs and pulls down his shorts exposing his dong which she then takes into her hands and starts stroking sensually. The experienced handjob slut wraps both her hands around the lubricated cock and she makes a twisting motion as if wriggling out all the jizsm and her technique works because Bryant explodes all over her chest and boobs. You can see this hot MILF working hard for her raise only at ClubTug.com

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Melody Jordan Strokes the Handyman’s Cock

busty redhead stroking a cockThis latest episode from ClubTug.com will make you wish you were the handyman hired by Melody Jordan to help her with a few errands around her house because this redhead slut doesn’t just pay cash for services rendered, she also throws in a handjob for good measure! The unsuspecting handyman wraps up his chores never imagining in a million years what surprise awaits him until the busty babe stands topless before him practically begging to jerk him off as a way of saying thank you for all his hard work.

Only an insane man would turn down a handjob from such a hot chick and the handyman is not insane which explains why he makes himself comfy in a chair and watches as the sexy vixen goes to town on his dick. She caresses his balls while twisting his knob and works that shaft from top to bottom effortlessly, first with her right hand and then with her left hand. The entire time Melody Jordan is tugging the big erect prick, she never forgets about the balls and constantly returns to massage them with the palm of her hand.

busty chick squeezes her tits before jerking a cock melody jordan giving a handjob redhead gets her face creamed after handjob

Determine to milk the lucky guy’s cock, Melody Jordan makes him stand up which brings his cock right up to her eye level and gives her an opportunity to use both hands on the prick at the same time. The two-hand cock stroking technique is so effective that Mr. Handyman’s creamy seed comes gushing out of his shaft and lands directly on the busty redhead handjob slut’s face. This is definitely not a bad day at work for this guy!

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Alyssa Hart Treats Her Step-dad to a Birthday Handjob

slutty teen gets her tits creamedWhat does a mature perverted man get for his 50th birthday? If that man is Mr. Johnson, he gets to have his big boner milked dry by his very slutty teen step-daughter. This latest episode from ClubTug.com shines the spotlight on the always popular Alyssa Hart doing what she does best – getting off a horny man with her small but very effective hands and dare we say that this will quickly make it to your list of favorite teen handjob videos once you watch it from start to end.

Mr. Johnson is a year older and not particularly thrilled about it so he decides to celebrate his big day by chilling out naked on the couch and that’s where his teen stepdaughter finds him. Being the naughty schoolgirl she is, she takes it upon herself to bestow onto her stepdad a very special gift so she takes off her shirt and flashes her perky tiny tits at him before tenderly caressing his dick in her hands.

Alyssa Hart seducing her naked stepdad naughty teen schoolgirl jerking off her step dad Alyssa Hart stroking a massive pecker

Alyssa Hart is astounded by the size of Mr. Johnson’s dick but her astonishment turns into excitement as she feels the big prick expanding and hardening in her hands. She massages the big prick with her finger tips and wraps her palms around as much of its length as she can jerking back and forth and occasionally twisting both her hands around the big schlong. Her two-hand cock stroking technique is what does the trick because eventually her stepdad unleashes his creamy load squirting it all over the teen’s perfect tits. Not a shabby way to celebrate a birthday! The full length birthday handjob video is available only at ClubTug.com

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Jessica Juggs Gets Her Stepson Off With Her Massive Tits

Jessica Juggs giving her stepson a titjobBen knows he can always count on his stepmom when he needs a hand and in this latest episode from ClubTug.com, he literally needs a hand to get some much needed relief after he takes a cock pill so he can last longer in the sack with his girlfriend only for her to cancel their rendezvous and leave him stranded with a massive hard-on. Lucky for him, his horny stepmom offers to take care of his bulging cock for him and she makes good on her promise by sucking him off, jerking him off and shoving his bulging prick in between her massive tits where she titty fucks him real good until he explodes.

It’s a good thing Ben’s dad isn’t home when all this action goes down because the way Jessica Juggs goes to town on her stepson’s cock is on the extreme end of freaky. The huge tittied blonde milf starts off by stroking Ben’s cock while gently caressing his big balls. Then she slides down in between his knees and wraps her soft lips around his hard cock sucking it with all her might before taking her blouse off and popping the big dick in between her monster juggs.

stepson and stepmom caressing each other's assets Jessica Juggs giving a blowjob mature stepmom sucking off her stepson

The soft fun bags feel so good around Ben’s cock and he tries unsuccessfully to stiffen a moan as the sexy blonde milf uses her big tits to get him off. After the tit-fuck comes a firm handjob that pretty much seals the deal for the young stud and a few strokes is all it takes for cum to spill out of his cut tip and all over his stepmom’s big boobs. The taboo handjob video can be viewed exclusively at ClubTug.com

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Ashton Monroe Wrestles a Giant Prick with Two Hands

teen babe jerking a monster prickBy all accounts Ashton Monroe is a tiny girl – she’s small and petite with very tiny tits and a large tattoo running down the side of her ribcage. She also happens to be dating a man who is her exact opposite in appearance – he’s tall and ripped in the right places and he has a monster package dangling in between his legs. Most tiny girls would shy away from big dicks but not his hot brunette teen, she loves playing with her boyfriend’s big dick, even if it’s so huge that she has to use two hands to get him off.

The clear winner in this teen versus giant cock battle brought to you courtesy of ClubTug.com is none other than the petite brunette babe as she milks every last drop out of that gigantic schlong. But let’s back up a bit and start at the beginning. Ashton Monroe’s hormones are on fire and she is hornier than she’s ever been so she goes searching for her boyfriend determined to get some sexual relief. The only way she knows how to get satisfaction is by jerking Pike off and he is definitely on board with that idea so he watches as she strips naked before him, flashing her sweet tight shaved pussy for him before she starts gently massaging his prick.

Ashton Monroe performing a strip tease petite babe grabs a big dick teen cutie jerking a big cock with two hands

The naughty teen hottie smiles as the cock grows harder and bigger with each hand stroke but soon realizes that she’s going to need two hands to accomplish her mission. The two hand handjob strategy does the trick as Pike moans his approval each time the skilled babe’s hands go back and forth on his hard rod and the sensual strokes prove to be so effective that he soon shoots out his massive load drenching her chest and hair. This full length two handed handjob video is available at ClubTug.com

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Ella Meadows Milks Cum From A Huge Boner

Ella Meadows grips a cock and milks itYou’ve got to hand it to Ella Meadows because she knows how to keep things spicy in a relationship. The hot MILF comes home and finds her man chilling on the couch so she decides to straddle him and lightly run her fingers all over his shirtless chest and when she feels a bulge forming in his pants, she grabs some lube and immediately gets to work on the big dick. The hot MILF handjob can be viewed exclusively at ClubTug.com

Ella Meadows is horny as fuck which is why she ends up in her man’s lap. She is also a very selfless lover who prefers to give pleasure to her mate instead of getting taken care of so with that in mind, the slender hottie strips down to her black lace panties and grabs her man’s huge boner with both her hands yanking it with firm strokes until he starts moaning. The lucky man grabs one of her slim thighs to get a look at her mature pussy while she focuses on his sensitive head.

sexy milf grinds up against man milf in glasses jerking a cock milf Ella Meadows squeezes a big prick

She then switches positions from the sideways handjob slot to kneeling in between her man’s legs which gives her more room to work with. A little more lube is all the sexy mature babe needs to keep everything sliding smoothly and after emptying the lube all over the cock; she wraps both hands around the massive prick and strokes it using the upward and downward motion until her man explodes! See the stream of cum shooting out of his penis head courtesy of her skilled hands only at ClubTug.com

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Kelly Greens Gives An Intense Office Handjob

sexy older woman stroking a massive dickAnytime a woman orders lube to be sent to her office, take that as a sign of really naughty things to come. This proves true in this latest episode from ClubTug.com where the delightful Kelly Greens unwraps a special delivery in her office and then decides to test it out on the lucky delivery man. The way this sexy mature woman jerks the throbbing prick with two hands will have you bursting a nut in a hot second.

If there is one thing Kelly Greens excels at, it’s milking cum out of cocks. Like every handjob slut, she knows that lube goes a long when it comes to stroking cocks so when she finds herself low on lube, she orders some and has it delivered to her place of work. Anxious to see how well her new purchase works, the sexy babe decides to test it on the delivery man who can’t resist her charms. She helps him out of his pants and gets on her knees before him where she immediately starts working on his cock with her hands.

delivery man getting a handjob in the office Kelly Greens giving a handjob sexy brunette lubes up a dick and strokes it

Ms. Greens slathers a ton of lube all over the hard prick and uses her tried and proven two-hand stroking technique to send shivers up the lucky man’s spine. The brunette hottie gives him a good view of her small tits as she tugs his cock from base to head and back while occasionally twisting both hands around the massive shaft. Her finishing move is impressive as she holds down the base of the cock and urgently tugs at the sensitive head making it erupt. This intense POV-style office handjob video is available exclusively at ClubTug.com

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Exchange Student Gives A Sensual Handjob

sexy blonde tugging a big prickThis latest episode from ClubTug.com shows why opening your home up to exchange students is a good idea that may just end up working out in your favor in the end – ask Billy who takes in Caroline and then gets a sensual handjob from him as a token of her appreciation for his kindness.

Billy is a very horny guy who likes to take in naïve foreign exchange students with no place to go. They think he’s being nice and kind but he has other motives and Caroline, the sexy student crashing at his pad finds out the second she comes back home from school. As the duo chill on the couch making small talk, the horny guy decides to school Caroline about the customs in her new home which involve treating her host to a handjob. The slender babe is all for it so she helps Billy out of his shorts and starts playing with his dick until it hardens. Then she wraps both hands around the throbbing hard cock and jerks it hard before holding the base of the shaft as she tenderly massages the extra sensitive tip.

exchange student getting schooled on the couch blonde student jerking cock topless blonde giving a handjob

The blonde cock stroker then zooms in for the finish by delivering firm fast tugs to Billy’s cock making him throw back his head as his whole body tenses up in preparation for a massive explosion. The moans escaping from his open mouth are all the encouragement Caroline needs to jerk him off faster and faster until he bursts his nut! The entire exchange student handjob episode along with 37 high resolution pictures can be seen exclusively on ClubTug.com

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Zoey Portland Gets Her Big Fake Tits Creamed

mature blonde stroking a prickCougars don’t come any hotter than Zoey Portland. She’s not just incredibly sexy with a tight and toned body that women half her age would die for but she’s got giant fake juggs bursting out of her chest and she is horny as fuck. She has a thing for big cocks especially if they are attached to young studs and in this latest cock tugging episode from ClubTug.com, the naughty cock starved cougar gets to have her way with a throbbing hard cock by milking every last drop out of it.

William is a lucky man who has no clue his day is about to get a whole lot more exciting thanks to Zoey Portland’s uncontrollable hormones. He unloads some boxes for the older woman and she decides to return the favor by helping coax out the load that’s weighing his balls down. She puts on a rather good show for him as she strips naked, showing off that little sexy body of her and then she gets down on her knees to worship his big cock with her hands.

busty blonde cougar fondling her big tits Zoey Portland prepares to give a handjob busty cougar jerking off her toyboy

A bottle of lube is all it takes to get the hand play going and the mature blonde nympho takes her sweet time massaging the lubrication into the throbbing prick. She grabs the base of the prick and squeezes it hard as her fingers dig into William’s manhood ever so gently. Zoey Portland delivers steady rhythmic strokes to the pecker and then she straddles the hot stud and plays with her pussy while still jerking him off. When he gets ready to cum, he sprays his jizz all over the sexy babe’s big fake tits.

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Busty Doctor Gives A Boner Special Hand Treatment

busty doctor milks a big dickMike is under an extreme amount of stress that he can’t properly function at his job so he calls in sick and asks to see the company doctor hoping to get to the root of his stress. The minute Dr. Ferrera lays eyes on the tattooed stud, she knows the only cure for his stress is a sensual handjob that will give him some much needed relief so the good doctor immediately gets to work jerking off Mike right in her office and the insanely hot doctor’s office handjob video is exclusively available at ClubTug.com

Dr. Ferrera is a very good looking woman with gigantic tits that have a hard time staying put in her white coat. She patiently listens to Mike describing his condition and then she suggests the most non-traditional treatment he has ever heard of. Her unconventional treatment involves her tugging his hard cock and since the poor guy is in so much pain, he readily agrees with the naughty doctor. She unzips his pants and reaches for his pecker, stroking it gently at first while giving her patient more than an eyeful of her massive boobies.

Ferrera rubs a cock on her tits doctor's office handjob with two hands sexy doctor makes a cock cum with her hands

The patient thrusts his pelvis into the busty doctor’s face as she utilizes the two-hand handjob technique to cover every inch of his long dick. When the cock starts to dry out a bit, Dr. Ferrera spits on it lubricating it and then she rubs the sensitive tip all over her dark areolas before gripping Mike’s cock really hard and jerking him to completion! There is no doubt that this intense doctor handjob is exactly what Mike needed to rid him of his stress.

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