Sofie Uses Mr.Johnson’s Cock For An Intense Arm Workout

sofie-tugging-cockFitness is very important to Sofie and not a day goes by without her squeezing in a workout. She likes to vary her workouts to ensure that every part of her sexy tight body gets toned. In this update from the sexy teen babe is focusing on her arms and instead of using dumb bells, she gets creative and uses Mr. Johnson’s cock as her workout equipment. This exercise leaves not one but two people with very satisfied grins on their faces.

The gorgeous Sofie lays out a mat on Mr.Johnson’s living room floor and immediately gets to work stretching out her body as she prepares for their workout session. He walks into the room and is very disappointed to see that the brunette cutie started off without her but his disappointment soon turns to joy when she lets him help her stretch. The older man isn’t in the mood for exercising anyway but he is definitely in the mood for some horizontal mambo action as evidenced by the way he suggestively grinds his hips all over Sofie’s ass as he stretches out her back.

teen-babe-stroking-hard-cock teen-giving-handjob teen-jerking-cock

All stretched out and ready to work on her arms, Sofie unbuckles Mr. Johnson’s pants and starts playing with his soft dick until it hardens in her hands. She blows lightly on the cock as she pushes the older pervert to the floor and then she gets to work trying to get him off as fast as she can. The teen flips her long hair to one side, grips the hard cock really hard and starts stroking it with all her might. Her arm muscles tighten and bulge with each stroke and before long, Mr. Johnson is exploding all over her fingers. This is a workout that neither one of them will ever forget.

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Vanessa Dons Satin Gloves To Milk A Giant Prick

vanessa-wears-satin-gloves-and-jerks-cockNothing pleases Vanessa more than getting her hands on a massive prick and milking it until it bursts right in her palms. She gets the chance to do just that in this sizzling hot update from and boy does she do an amazing job.

This brunette cutie sure knows her stuff and she takes her sweet time getting on her knees in between Mr. Johnson’s knees so she can worship his cock with her hands. Wearing a tight black outfit, she puts on a pair of shiny satin gloves and smiles as she takes on the uncut cock laying before her. A few quick strokes is all it takes to take it from soft to hard and before long Mr. Johnson is moaning with pleasure as the skilled babe works her magic on his cock.

vanessa-strokes-a-giant-prick vanessa-giving-a-titjob cock-explodes-on-satin-gloves

She leans in and grabs the giant prick with both her gloved hands and strokes it so hard her tiny tits jiggle. Her lips part slightly in anticipation as she feels Mr.Johnson’s body tighten as if he’s preparing to burst his load. She loosens her grip a bit forcing him to calm down so they can play a little bit longer. The sexy babe then sweeps back her long flowing hair out of her face and holds down the base of the massive prick with one hand while stroking its length with the other hand.

Vanessa squeezes her small all natural tits together and runs the hard throbbing dick in between them before pushing the prick away from her and stroking it really fast with both her hands. The rough milking from both gloved hands proves to be too much for the hung Mr. Johnson and before long, he explodes all over Vanessa’s gloved hands staining the shiny satin with his thick creamy seed.

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Teen Jenni Gives Her Masturbating StepBrother A Hand

In the latest update on, step siblings take loving to a whole new level when Jenni takes it upon herself to tug away at her step-brother’s thick hard cock until she finishes him off!

Jenni is a Paris Hilton lookalike but the similarities between this blonde teen and the hotel heiress don’t just end at their looks. They are both sluts with a knack for rubbing thick dicks and in this video update, Jenni doesn’t disappoint as she gets a hold of her step-brother’s shaft and gives him a handjob to remember.

The gorgeous blonde walks in on her brother wanking off to a dirty magazine right on her bed. Instead of freaking out like any other girl would, she offers to help Jonathan jerk off. He’s very hesitant at first citing the fact that it just wouldn’t be proper for his stepsister to play with his cock but Jenni is determined to stroke his cock and she wraps her hand around the length of the dick and coaxes it to get hard with just a few firm strokes. Jonathan gives in and lays back to enjoy the hand ride.

The sexy teen has a bus to catch so she pours lube all over her stepbrother’s cock and tugs it first with her right hand and then the left hand before trapping the big dick in between both her hands and working it from top to bottom. Neither siblings makes a single sound for fear of getting caught while they do the unthinkable deed and Jonathan tries unsuccessfully to appear calm causing Jenni to smile as she feels the pulsating cock about to explode in her hands. After what seems like centuries of stroking, Jonathan’s cock erupts releasing thick drops of cum.

Jenni murmurs something cheeky to her stepbrother before she walks out of the room and you can find out what she says when you view this whole handjob video in the member area.

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Busty Maid Selena Star Servicing A Horny Hotel Guest

selena-star-teasing-joey-with-her-massive-rackThe very sexy Selena Star is a maid on a mission in the latest update from She walks into Joey’s room under the pretense of bringing him a towel and soon her offer to tidy up his room turns into a full-fledged handjob and titjob session that will have you spanking your own monkey in a hot second.

What does a man do when a busty maid with her cleavage spilling out of her uniform walks into his room and offers to tidy it up? If that man is Joey, he hits on the very sexy Latina maid and relentlessly follows her around the room until she upgrades her cleaning service to a “full” service with lots of cock sucking and hand fucking.

A very horny Joey curiously watches as Selena Star makes herself comfortable on his hotel room bed and pops her huge rack out of her very tight maid uniform. She has come prepared with a bottle of lube which she pulls out of her pocket and generously slathers some on Joey’s erect shaft and all over her own big tits. The pair spends a few moments caressing each other’s assets before Selena bends over and makes Joey’s cock disappear in between her big tits.

The gorgeous babe squashes her tits close together as she massages Joey’s hard prick with both her hands. He leans back and watches excitedly as she oils up her big tits and then wraps them around his cock. His cock all but disappears in her massive rack but that is just the beginning of the boob play fun. Selena then pulls back from Joey and starts slapping his dick with her boobs before spitting on it and giving it a really good rub down.

Always the dedicated maid, she offers him a pillow and tells him to relax – even offering to make up his bed if their playtime messes it up. She takes both her hands and wraps them around Joey’s long cock stroking it up and down before extending her palm service down to his shaved balls. She then forms circles around his dick and holds down the base of his cock with her left hand while yanking at the cut head with all her might. Her awesome hand fucking pays off when a line of thick creamy man juice shoots out of Joey’s cock.

To find out whether Joey’s massive load lands on Selena Star’s gigantic fun bags, check out this entire handjob scene in the member area.

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Teen Kelly earning her jerk off badge

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new video and photo set that features teen hottie Kelly. She’s a not at all shy girl who’s joined up for the Jerk Scouts of America, and needs to find her first cock to stroke.

Or, at least that’s what she tells her step-brother Joey. Kelly’s had the hots for Joey for quite some time and has been thinking up excuses for her to get her hands on his cock. But he was a lot more interested in his girlfriend. So, she snooped around in his computer to find out what he liked, and discovered he had a, well, obsession with handjobs. “Aha!” she thought to herself, and hatched her plan.

Joey had no idea what she was up to when she said she needed some “help with something”. But after getting him relaxed, and distracting him a bit with a really short summer skirt in the middle of winter, Kelly said the magic words: hand job. Sure, Joey tried to play the responsible stepbrother, but Kelly was just too hot and eager to stroke his meat. It didn’t take long for him to get his hard cock out -clearly he already had naughty thoughts even before she touched him.

Kelly lubed up her hands and prepared to make short work of him. Clearly it wasn’t the first time she’d handled some meat, because she gets to showing off all her special handjob techniques, while Joey enjoys every minute of it. Knowing just how hot she was, Kelly put all of her effort in to making sure Joey would really like his stepsister.

If you would like to see the entire handjob in the full length video added this week, check out the member’s area of! Find out if Kelly finally got to have her way with her stepbrother Joey.


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Vanessa Cage Gives a Hand Job to Remember

Vanessa wants to see his dick
This week’s update to brings you an exciting new video and a hot photo set featuring naughty Vanessa Cage. This blonde babe loves to be the center of attention and when a guy hits on her while in detention she feels her temperature rising fast. Although she plays hard to get at first, she finally caves in to her desires and gives the dude a nice and rewarding hand job.

Vanessa Cage is one hot slut that knows her body can make everyone crazy with desire. She is in luck now because the guy sitting next to her is quite horny and could definitely go for some sexy action. She stands up and walks around the room, while the guy watches her every move. Then, she gets cocky and while taking her skirt off, she makes the guy drop his pants as well. But, as excited as this slut is, she doesn’t want anyone to find out what a whore she is. She goes on and admires the guy’s dick and it doesn’t take her long till she brings out the lube and starts rubbing the guy’s cock. Wrapping her hands around his hard dong and slowly moving her them up and down gives her great pleasure.

Hot Vanessa shows her perky tits Naughty Vanessa starts rubbing his cock Things are about to get wild after this squeeze

With her tits revealed and a big smile on her face, Vanessa keeps on rubbing his throbbing cock and squeeze his hard balls. She knows how to use her pretty little hands to please a man and by the moans of this guy, I think she is doing a great hand job. This babe has a dirty mind and cannot control her sexual cravings. When she sees a cock, she feels this uncontrollable urge to touch it, rub it, squeeze it and even suck it, if the guy is lucky enough.

Vanessa Cage gives amazing hand jobs and this guy experienced her delicate hands until he exploded with satisfaction. Check out the entire video and the sexy photo gallery on, and enjoy the whole experience.

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Handjobs Won’t Get Teen Alyssa Pregnant

This week’s update to gives you a sexy video and a brand new photo gallery of a kinky teen girl. I introduce you to Alyssa, a naughty teen babe that craves dick but doesn’t want to get knocked up, so she gives her friend a very satisfying hand job instead.

When a guy walks into her room by mistake, this redhead hottie wastes no time and quickly surprises him by jumping on his back. Although at first it looks like she wants to fight with him and find why he is in her room, her dirty little mind already pictures him naked. Wearing only a bra and a small pair of panties, this pigtailed teen has no problem in showing her body to that total stranger. Not getting the answer that she expected, this perverted young babe takes matters into her own hands and starts unbuttoning the guy’s pants. She is so horny and in need of a good fuck that she doesn’t even stop to get his approval. This girl is burning with desire but the fear of getting pregnant keeps her from fucking him. Instead, she proposes that she rubs his cock in a most satisfying hand job.

Teen Alyssa undresses her new friend Teen hottie uses both her hands to rub that cock A big cock always makes this teen babe smile

After she takes his pants off she takes a bottle of lube out of his bag and starts pouring it on his hard cock. The smile on her face is so perverse that it is impossible not to get an erection when you see her wrap her hands around that dick and rubbing it till it hardens completely. For such a delicate (hand)job she needs to feel comfortable, so she takes off her bra and lets her beautiful tits free. Sitting on top of him, this hot teen redhead looks all surprised and aroused when he sees how big his dick got, and judging by the size of his throbbing cock he really enjoyed the rub.

If you want to see how much fun they had, check out the whole video and pictures at for a satisfying experience.

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MILF Amber Bach Shows Her Hand

This week’s update to brings you a brand new video and hot photo set featuring Amber Bach, a sexy mature that doesn’t say no to a game of strip poker. After clothes come off she gets very friendly with her neighbor’s dick.

Amber Bach is one of those mature ladies that have no inhibitions that is why, when her neighbors invite her for a game of strip poker, she doesn’t think twice. She looks stunning and has the most beautiful pair of big boobs you can think of and it’s clear that she didn’t mind losing her clothes. When she exposes her boobs, the guys’ faces lights up with curiosity that quickly turns into arousal. You can see that they don’t regret inviting her over, because this poker session is about to get better than they imagined.

Amber Bach seducing her poker partners Amber Bach naked and ready to go Amber Bach taking her neighbor's pants off

This sexy mature has a lot of confidence and she doesn’t only get naked step by step, but she also enjoys teasing the guys with her big breasts. She lets them look at her with desire and even pinch her nipples for some extra fun. Amber really likes all the attention that she’s getting and doesn’t mind the boys starring at her, wishing for more than just seeing her curvy body naked up-close.

It may have been her bad luck that made her lose her clothes quickly, or simply the fact that she wanted a little bit of fun and she lost intentionally. When they all got naked, she told the guys “You did this on purpose!”, but in fact, she was the one leading them on. Seeing her neighbor’s hard on, Amber couldn’t restrain herself any longer and decided to give him the handjob that he has been craving for since he first saw her big tits exposed. It didn’t take him long to fully enjoy her hands wrapped around his throbbing dick.

If you want to see how their strip poker/ handjob session turned out, check out the members area at and enjoy the full video and photo set.


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Alexis Diamonds Is a Mega Titted Mom That Makes a Boy Cum

Alexis Diamonds is flirting with her stepson in the kitchen

In case you missed the episode voted as one of the most popular on, we’re going to recap it here for you today. Alexis Diamonds uses her huge breasts to drive her stepson wild!

Alexis Diamonds was in the kitchen stocking the fridge when her stepson Jonny entered. It’s been almost 2 months since she last saw her favorite young man because of his private school schedule. Alexis immediately hugged him tightly and was so very happy. “You’re almost all grown up in just the couple months since I saw you last,” Alexis said in shock. She was impressed at what a handsome and well-built young man he’s become.

Alexis Diamonds gives her stepson a closeup of her cleavage Alexis Diamonds shows off her big boobs while unzipping her stepson's pants Alexis Diamonds gives a handjob to her stepson in the kitchen

“You’re still as hot as ever, and they’re still as big as ever,” Jonny joked about Alexis Diamonds’s big boobs. She just laughed and pulled him close again. This time, she let Jonny get a good look down her top and at her massive cleavage. She felt her stepson’s erection poking the bottom of her belly. “You’ve grown other places too,” Alexis laughed bumping her hips against his hard dick. The sexual tension was erupting in the kitchen between stepmother and stepson. The two closed the gap between them one more time to embrace in a lust filled French kiss!

Alexis Diamonds knew it was wrong, but she just couldn’t stop herself from kissing and groping her stepson. This taboo moment in the kitchen may haunt her forever, but she couldn’t stop herself now. She dropped to her knees in front of her stepson and unzipped his pants. He grabbed onto her head, leaned back, and moaned as Alexis grabbed his young cock. She squeezed his young dick tightly and started stroking the shaft from its base to its head. He was getting harder and thicker in the hands of his mature stepmom. She couldn’t help but to be impressed at how large Jonny was growing.

Finally, Alexis Diamonds’s handjob had fully extended Jonny’s young penis. At its final length, Alexis guessed that it must be 9 inches making it 3 inches bigger than his dad’s cock. Jonny’s cock was much thicker too. Alexis took her time and massaged his dick using both of her hands. She even took her huge breasts out and let him titty fuck her right there in the kitchen.

If you want to see how far Alexis Diamonds takes the handjob with her stepson, check out the member’s area of for the full video and picture set!

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Selena Star in Clock for Cock

Selena Star gives her guy a few minutes to cum

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new video and photo set featuring Selena Star! She’s in a rush to get out of the house and gives her man just 3 minutes to cum.

Selena Star is a very sexy ebony babe with huge natural tits. She’s a pro at handjobs and is very confident in her skills. But, she’s not confident her man can cum in time for her to be on time to the appointment she has scheduled for today. She gives him 3 minutes to cum or she’s going to leave his dick hard and hanging.

Selena Star unzips jeans to wrap her hands around a cock Selena Star takes out a huge cock and wants it bad Selena Star is shocked by the size of her man's cock

“You better cum, I’m not kidding about the 3 minute timer,” Selena Star warned her boyfriend. He was confident he could cum within the time limit, especially if Selena gave him a handjob and let him titty fuck her. With his reassurance, Selena dropped and knelt down in front of him and started the timer. “3 minutes, now!”

Selena started tugging on her boyfriend’s cock as fast and as hard as she could. He began bucking his hips to meet her pumps and wildly thrust up and down in his chair. She squeezed his dick so hard it hurt her hands as he fucked her hand harder every second. The two were furiously stroking and bucking so hard that after just 30 seconds they both had worked up a sweat.

Selena was still unsure if he could actually cum before the 3 minute mark and knew that he loved to fuck her big natural tits. So, she helped him out by taking off her top and squeezing his cock in between her massive jugs. He was still bucking his hips up and down rapidly, but was now fucking her huge melons. Selena Star squeezed her big tits together and pressed his penis in the middle. She used her hands to meet his thrusts and moved her big tits up and down against his long white shaft. It was about the two minute mark when her boyfriend made some odd noises and his bucking went out of control!

If you want to watch how this handjob quickie that Selena Star gives her boyfriend ends, check out the member’s area of!

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