Selena Star Is Milking Santa’s Helper

Selena Star seduces a midget dressed as an elf

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new Christmas video and a high quality photo set. Selena Star is playing a neglected Mrs. Claus who is naughty to her husband Santa, but very nice to an elf!

Selena Star is a beautiful brunette with a curvy body and huge natural breasts. She’s playing the role of Mrs. Claus and looks spectacular in her revealing Christmas outfit that shows a massive amount of cleavage and barely covers her thick ass.

Selena Star lets an elf suck on her big tits while she gives him a handjobSelena Star lets a midget dressed as an elf titty fuck herSelena Star jerks off a midget dressed as an elf

Mrs. Claus is at her home in the North Pole getting ready for bed after a long day of baking cookies to feed all of Santa’s workers. She’s put on her sexiest Christmas lingerie to prepare for Santa to come home and fuck her good. Instead, one of Santa’s elves came to the house to inform Mrs. Claus that Santa was far too busy to make it home. Pouting, Mrs. Claus voices her frustration to the elf, “I never get to spend any time with Santa anymore!”

Trying to comfort Mrs. Claus, the tiny elf wraps his arms around her and snuggles close. He whispers sweet and reassuring words to Mrs. Claus and rubs his small hands up and down her back. The elf couldn’t help but to let his hand wander down further than it should and brush over the crack of Mrs. Claus’s ass. “You’re a naughty elf, aren’t you?” Mrs. Claus said as she sat the elf on her lap and started rubbing her hands up and down his tiny thighs. That’s when she noticed a bulge starting to appear near the elf’s crotch. It looked huge on his little body.

Mrs. Claus couldn’t restrain her desires any longer and grabbed the elf’s crotch, rubbing his cock through his pants. “Oh my, you’re quite big down there,” Mrs. Claus whispered to the elf. This elf had a small body, but was packing a normal sized man’s penis! She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them off his short legs. She sat the elf back down in the chair with no pants on and his hard cock standing straight up in the air. “Never tell Santa of this!” Mrs. Claus warned the elf. But, little did they both know, Santa’s naughty list was just updated with two new names and there was surely going to be hell to pay.

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It Hurts Down There Until Jenna Jaded Helps Out

Nurse Jenna Jaded takes a look at a young cock in need of help

In this week’s update to we’re give a brand new and full length video with a photo set that features Jenna Jaded. She’s a nurse who treats a patient that can’t make his erection go away. Jenna has a solution!

Jenna Jaded could see the pain on the young man’s face as he sat on the observation table in the doctor’s office. He was obviously in a great deal of discomfort. Jenna asked the man where the pain was coming from. He responded by dropping his shorts to the floor and exposing his hard cock. Jenna was taken aback by the bold response to her question, but could tell he was in so much pain that talking was difficult.

Nurse Jenna Jaded strokes a cock with latex gloves onNurse Jenna Jaded strips while giving a handjob in a doctor's officeNurse Jenna Jaded gives a handjob topless

Jenna Jaded knew right away what the problem was – priapism! She asked if he had taken any medications like Viagra and he quickly shook his head up and down letting her know that he did. If Jenna couldn’t make his hardon go away it may result in permanent erectile dysfunction or damage to his penis. That’s when Jenna took matters into her own hands to save the young man’s cock!

Walking over to the wall where the box of latex gloves sat, Jenna Jaded grabbed two from the box. She put them on and made sure they were tight by pulling them off of her wrist and letting them smack back making a crack sound. “Don’t worry; I’ll take care of you!” Jenna assured the young man as she took his cock into her latex covered hands. She pushed him back onto the observation table and began to gently stroke his cock up and down.

The young man winced in pain with each stroke but was also getting longer, thicker, and harder with each stroke. Jenna Jaded knew this was a good sign. He was still able to get bigger and most likely able to achieve an orgasm. Jenna started stroking his dick with a little more force and a little faster. He seemed to respond positively again and relaxed a little on the table. In fact, Jenna thought that he actually started enjoying the handjob he was getting with the latex medical gloves.

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Teen CumSlut Julie Is Told To Milk My Monster Cock

Blindfolded teen babe is about to get cock in her mouth

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new video and photo set that features teen cumslut Julie. She’s blindfolded and made to stroke and suck her boyfriend’s dick!

When Julie asked her boyfriend what he wanted for his birthday she never thought it would be the events that follow. She thought maybe he would request sex, or that new video game. This would definitely turn out to be a birthday that Julie and her boyfriend would never forget.

“I want you blindfolded and my sex slave for the day!” Julie’s boyfriend said with a stern face. Not sure exactly what being a sex  meant, Julie agreed. She is a kinky little slut that enjoys different sexual games. She just didn’t understand how far her boyfriend was willing to go.

Blindfolded teen is forced to take cock in her hands and mouthBlindfolded teen is stroking and sucking on a dickBlindfolded teen has a cock shoved down her throat

After she agreed her boyfriend blindfolded her, picked her up, and threw her down on the bedroom floor. “Ouch, what the fuck Joey!” She yelled as she landed on the hard floor. That’s when Joey walked toward her, grabbed her by the hair, and lifted her up onto her knees. “Ouch, ouch, Joey, ouch!” Julie again cried out as her hair was being pulled and she was being lifted. Just as she left out the last “ouch” her mouth was filled with a cock thrusted deep inside. Her gargled voice couldn’t be understood, but her tone was that of confusion and disbelief.

Joey rammed his cock down her throat and fucked her mouth. He held onto her hair and had his cock deep down inside. Julie had calmed down and started to enjoy the blowjob she was made to give. She even reached her hands up and starting massaging his shaft as it was being worked in and out of her mouth and throat. She gripped it as hard as she could which made Joey moan. She started getting rough with him right back and twisted his shaft and pounded her hands down hitting his balls. “Oh fuck yeah,” Joey said as she brutalized him and his rock hard dick.

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Video Games Can Be Distracting Until Natalia Robles Shows Up

Natalia Robles yells at her boyfriend and he takes out his cock

In this week’s update to we’re given a brand new tugjob video and picture set featuring Natalia Robles and her boyfriend. Natalia is pissed because he doesn’t have a job and plays video games all day long. But, he knows how to make her happy.

Natalia burst through her apartment door screaming at her boyfriend in Spanish as he sat there and played video games. He promised to go out and look for a job today and obviously didn’t make any effort at all. She cursed him up and down and couldn’t have been more pissed off. Her boyfriend knew she was seriously angry and he had to do something to quiet and calm her down. So, he did what any boyfriend would do knowing their girlfriend has a handjob fetish – he whipped out his cock and started stroking!

Natalia Robles gives her boyfriend a handjob under the condition that he gets a jobNatalia Robles tugs on her boyfriends hard dickNatalia Robles loves her boyfriends big hard cock in her tiny hands

She was still screaming but becoming more and more distracted by the second. Natalia Robles has a serious handjob fetish and can’t resist a hard cock. She became almost silent and hypnotized by the motion of his hand stroking up and down the length of his now hard shaft. She dropped her purse to the ground, walked slowly over and in between her boyfriend’s legs, and dropped to the ground taking his hard cock into her hands. She then started stroking his dick up and down just as his hand had been doing a moment ago. He knew she wouldn’t mention a word about getting a job now.

He was right; Natalia Robles simply concentrated on giving him an amazing handjob. Her pussy was soaking wet and she began fingering herself as she stroked his penis. She couldn’t help it and lost all control. Giving a handjob is like having a cock rammed in Natalia’s pussy. It’s just like sex to her, in fact, it is better. Her grip tightened around his dick and her strokes became slower with more friction. At the same time she inserted another finger into her pussy and started to fuck herself slower as well. Natalia Robles was enjoying every lustful second of this amazing tugjob!

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Raven LeChance Is Taken Care of Boners

Raven LeChance wants to help her stepson

In this week’s episode on we’re given a full length video and high quality photo set featuring Raven LeChance! Her stepson Johnny can’t concentrate and she is going to lend a helping hand.

Raven LeChance saw her stepson’s report card and confronted him on the poor grades he received. He told his loving stepmom that he can’t concentrate for longer than a few minutes and really isn’t learning anything. He promises her that he’s been trying very hard, but he’s just too distracted. Raven asked what has been distracting him and Johnny’s face turned red. Raven persisted and told her stepson that he could tell her anything. Finally mustering the courage to get the words out of his mouth, Johnny said, “I keeping getting hardons and they won’t go away.” His stepmom was now the one turning red with embarrassment. Clearly, she never thought this would be the issue.

Raven LeChance has a huge young cock in her handsRaven LeChance gives her stepson a handjobRaven LeChance can't believe how big her stepson's cock is

“Why don’t you just jerk off, Johnny?” Raven LeChance asked her stepson. “I do, but it never works, I can’t cum!” Johnny said with frustration. Raven was at a real loss here. How in the world could she help her stepson with a problem like this? She scrambled through her brain for an answer to give Johnny as he looked at her for advice. “I could help you.” She blurted out without really thinking it through. “Really, you would jerk me off, really?” Johnny questioned with overwhelming excitement. Raven knew she was in deep now. “Yes.” Was all she said and dropped to her knees in front of her stepson. “Holy shit!” Was all Johnny could manage to say as he watched her go down.

Raven LeChance immediately took down her stepson’s pants and gripped his limp dick. She began jerking his cock out toward her face. Raven was in a daze of sorts. She just couldn’t believe what she was doing. She loves her stepson, but she also loves her husband and never cheated on him before. As she continued to think about the taboo situation she found herself in, she noticed something. Johnny was getting hard and getting very, very big. His cock was already twice the size of his dads and just kept on growing. She could barely fit her hand around his thick shaft and the length was going to require both of her hands to stroke properly. Raven felt something even more disturbing; her pussy was now soaking wet!

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JC Simpson – Koda – and Alice in Three Teen Orgasm Denial

Three teen girls all topless in bed together

In this week’s update to we’re given a new, full length video and high quality photo set featuring 3 teen girls – JC Simpson, Koda, and Alice! They have plans for the boy who stood up Koda on a date.

JC Simpson, Koda, and Alice are the best of friends. The three teen girls do everything together and nothing is ever kept secret between them. All three babes are having a sleepover and Koda shows up with some bad news. She was supposed to have a date tonight and then arrive later at the sleepover, but her date, Dickie, stood her up. She came over pissed off and in a bad mood.

Luckily, JC Simpson and Alice were there to cheer Koda up. They even came up with a plan for payback against Dickie. The three girls would lure him over with the promise of giving him a group handjob. Then, when they get him to cum, they would all smack and slap his dick and even punch him in the balls so his orgasm was denied. These girls are cruel and not a group you want to fuck with! Dickie is about to find that out!

Three teen girls and one boy all in bed togetherThree teen girls all give a handjob to one cockThree teen girls all with their hands on one hard dick

Just like any man, Dickie couldn’t resist and was only thinking with his small head. The thought of three teen babes jerking his cock at the same time was the only thought flowing through his head as he raced his car through the streets to get there. Finally arriving, he ran to the house and was all smiles as the girls answered the door. They laughed, giggled, and led Dickie to the bedroom. The girls threw him down on the bed and started unbuckling and unzipping his pants. He was in heaven and just laid back letting everything happen.

The girls took out his cock and started giving him a handjob. A total of six hands were rubbing his cock at the same time. All three teen girls were giving the best handjob they could so they could get him to cum quickly and follow through with their punishment.

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MILF Angie Noire Lends a Hand

Angie Noire catches her stepson jerking off in his room

In case you missed one of our member’s favorite episodes, here’s a recap for you. This full length video and photo set features Angie Noire and her stepson in a taboo situation that led to an unforgettable update to!

Angie Noire walked into her stepson’s bedroom to see if he was studying like he promised. To Angie’s shock, her stepson was lying on his bed and masturbating. She couldn’t believe her eyes! Angie loved the boy like her own son and was very close to him, but never has she seen his cock. Initially, Angie reacted with anger and scolded Joey for jerking off when he should have been studying. She couldn’t help to giggle a little as she was scolding. All boys his age jerk off and she knew it wasn’t anything serious to get too angry about.

Angie Noire stares at her stepson's big cockAngie Noire wraps her hands around her younger stepson's dickAngie Noire gives her stepson a handjob

Angie Noire also noticed something else she found unsettling about the incident. Her pussy, it tingled and became moist at the sight of her stepson’s cock. It was a nice size, thick too. While trying to act calm and cool, she couldn’t help but to stare at it for greater periods of time. “You can’t concentrate with that hardon, can you baby boy?” Angie asked her stepson. “No, and it won’t go away…I’m sorry!” Joey replied. “Oh don’t be sorry, I understand, really.” Angie said in a comforting tone as she sat down next to Joey on his bed.

“I’ll help you out. I want you to get good grades.” Angie told Joey as an excuse to wrap her mature hands around his young cock. And she did. Angie Noire reached out her hand and took her stepson’s big dick into her hand. She started to run her hand up and down the shaft; she massaged the head, and even played with his swollen balls. Angie knew she was wrong to do so, but couldn’t help herself in this taboo moment. Lust was in control of Angie and her hands.

Her stepson couldn’t believe this was happening. He had desired his stepmom’s touch for a long time. Now, after years of fantasizing, her she was giving him a handjob in his bed. He wondered if she would continue stroking him until he cummed, if she would let it go further, and if he could touch her while she gave him this amazing and taboo tugjob.

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Melanie Hicks Likes to Stroke Dicks

Melanie Hicks takes a guy into the back room of a strip joint to give him a handjob

In this week’s update to we’re given a new full length video and picture set of Melanie Hicks. She’s a stripper who isn’t making enough money so she puts in some overtime in the back room of the adult club.

Melanie Hicks has been stripping on weekends for a while now. She’s a very sexy brunette babe with big tits and a great body, but she just can’t get enough tip money for some reason. The other girls go home every night with their purses filled with cash. She decided to watch the girls closely one night to see what she was doing wrong or what they were doing right. That’s when she found out they were taking customers into the back room and giving them handjobs for extra cash. “Oh you dirty sluts!” She whispered to herself as she watched the girls returning with their men and smiles on their faces.

Melanie Hicks grinding her ass against a guy's crotchMelanie Hicks exposes her big breastsMelanie Hicks is stroking a big hard cock in her tiny hand

Melanie knew she could make a ton of money if she offered her customers the same thing. “Why not, it’s only a handjob.” She reasoned with herself. Melanie Hicks decided that Saturday night was the right time to try this all out. She started pole dancing and noticed a man who seemed very interested in her. She danced near him and whispered in his ear, “Want to go in the back room for an extra $20?” The man quickly agreed and she led him into the back. Once there Melanie continued her dance and started grinding her ass against his crotch. She could feel that he was quickly growing inside his pants and figured this would be the right time to start the handjob.

Melanie Hicks knew she had to be fast. She didn’t want to get caught and she wanted to give as many handjobs to as many people as she could. She quickly unzipped his pants and took out his cock. Melanie even bared her big tits so that he had something nice to look at and inspire a quick cum. Dropping to her knees, Melanie grabbed his big dick with her petite hand and started stroking the shaft up and down as tightly and quickly as she could.

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Riley Evans Gives the New Guy A Handjob Tryout

Riley Evans poses for a hot pictureThis week’s update to offers a brand new full length video and photo set featuring Riley Evans. This blonde babe tries out a new stud to see if he can handle a professional handjob! has invited Mike, a new guy, to the studio. They need a male model that can handle getting handjobs from some of the most beautiful models in the world without blowing his load in 10 seconds. The gorgeous blonde Riley Evans was tasked with testing Mike out. If he can withstand taking a handjob from this beauty with an incredible body, then he can handle the rest and he’ll be hired. Riley isn’t going to make this easy though. She will try her best to make this guy cum fast!

Riley Evans welcomes the young stud into the office she’s working from and gets right to it. She grabs Mike’s crotch and starts to get him hard. The poor guy gets an instant erection and things aren’t looking good. “You really think you can handle a handjob from me?” Riley asks. Nervously, and without much confidence Mike says, “Sure do!” Riley then unbuttons her shirt and hikes up her skirt. She’s taking this to another level. Mike now has to get a handjob from Riley with her tits hanging out and her bald pussy clearly displayed. He takes a gulp and tries to stand there and remain calm.

Riley Evans tests out a new guy to see if he can handle a handjobRiley Evans grabs the cock of a young manRiley Evans starts to jerk off a young stud

Unzipping his pants, Riley Evans takes his cock out and begins running her hands up and down his shaft. She cups his balls and tickles them with her other hand. Mike is getting his cock stroked and his balls played with by one of the sexiest blonde babes around. He’s only thirty seconds into having Riley’s bare hand on the skin of his cock and already his dick is turning red and swelling up. His balls have even doubled in size. Riley sees this and starts beating his dick faster and squeezing it tighter. She’s not cutting him any slack at all!

If you want to see how the rest of the handjob goes, check out the full video in the member’s area of! Will Mike make it through Riley’s handjob or will he have to look for work elsewhere?

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Allison Banks Uses Handjob to Become a Cock Boxer

Allison Banks is a ring girl dressed in booty shorts and a bikini topIn this week’s update to we’re given a full length video and photo set of Allison Banks. She’s a ring girl who is backstage with a boxer that is having problems fitting his cock into his cup! Allison is such a helpful girl.

Allison Banks is backstage at a boxing match waiting to walk out with one of the boxers in the next fight. She’s the ring girl and is dressed in skimpy booty shorts and a tiny bikini top. The boxer has been staring at her amazing body the entire time they’ve been in the back together. He now finds himself with quite a large problem. He has a raging hardon and can’t get it to go down or fit in his cup. If he goes out in front of the crowd like this he’ll be laughed out of the stadium. In a panic, and not knowing what else to do, he approaches Allison and says, “I’m so sorry, so very sorry, but do you think you could give me a handjob?”

Allison Banks was shocked and somewhat offended at first. But, the boxer explained how it happened and how scared he was to go out there and be embarrassed. Allison then felt bad for the boxer. After all, it was her body that made him hard, and it was a compliment of sorts. “You know what, I’ll do it, and I’ll help you!” Allison said to the boxer who couldn’t get his pants down fast enough and couldn’t say thank you enough. His cock was impressive, this may not be that bad after all, Allison thought to herself. She dropped to her knees in front of the boxer and his hard cock. Allison took his large cock into her tiny hand and started stroking him backstage.

Allison Banks squats down to give a guy a handjobAllison Banks gives a tugjob to a boxer before his matchAllison Banks is giving a big cock a handjob with her tiny hands

“I hope no one sees us!” Allison said to the man as she increased the pace of her hand gliding up and down his rigid shaft. “I won’t last long; your petite hands feel so damn good on my cock!” The boxer reassured Allison Banks as she continued to give him a handjob. Allison took her other hand and started jerking his cock with it too. She now had both hands stroking the boxer’s dick up and down from his cock’s head to his balls.

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