Busty Maid Selena Star Servicing A Horny Hotel Guest

selena-star-teasing-joey-with-her-massive-rackThe very sexy Selena Star is a maid on a mission in the latest update from ClubTug.com. She walks into Joey’s room under the pretense of bringing him a towel and soon her offer to tidy up his room turns into a full-fledged handjob and titjob session that will have you spanking your own monkey in a hot second.

What does a man do when a busty maid with her cleavage spilling out of her uniform walks into his room and offers to tidy it up? If that man is Joey, he hits on the very sexy Latina maid and relentlessly follows her around the room until she upgrades her cleaning service to a “full” service with lots of cock sucking and hand fucking.

A very horny Joey curiously watches as Selena Star makes herself comfortable on his hotel room bed and pops her huge rack out of her very tight maid uniform. She has come prepared with a bottle of lube which she pulls out of her pocket and generously slathers some on Joey’s erect shaft and all over her own big tits. The pair spends a few moments caressing each other’s assets before Selena bends over and makes Joey’s cock disappear in between her big tits.

The gorgeous babe squashes her tits close together as she massages Joey’s hard prick with both her hands. He leans back and watches excitedly as she oils up her big tits and then wraps them around his cock. His cock all but disappears in her massive rack but that is just the beginning of the boob play fun. Selena then pulls back from Joey and starts slapping his dick with her boobs before spitting on it and giving it a really good rub down.

Always the dedicated maid, she offers him a pillow and tells him to relax – even offering to make up his bed if their playtime messes it up. She takes both her hands and wraps them around Joey’s long cock stroking it up and down before extending her palm service down to his shaved balls. She then forms circles around his dick and holds down the base of his cock with her left hand while yanking at the cut head with all her might. Her awesome hand fucking pays off when a line of thick creamy man juice shoots out of Joey’s cock.

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Selena Star in Clock for Cock

Selena Star gives her guy a few minutes to cum

In this week’s update to ClubTug.com we’re given a brand new video and photo set featuring Selena Star! She’s in a rush to get out of the house and gives her man just 3 minutes to cum.

Selena Star is a very sexy ebony babe with huge natural tits. She’s a pro at handjobs and is very confident in her skills. But, she’s not confident her man can cum in time for her to be on time to the appointment she has scheduled for today. She gives him 3 minutes to cum or she’s going to leave his dick hard and hanging.

Selena Star unzips jeans to wrap her hands around a cock Selena Star takes out a huge cock and wants it bad Selena Star is shocked by the size of her man's cock

“You better cum, I’m not kidding about the 3 minute timer,” Selena Star warned her boyfriend. He was confident he could cum within the time limit, especially if Selena gave him a handjob and let him titty fuck her. With his reassurance, Selena dropped and knelt down in front of him and started the timer. “3 minutes, now!”

Selena started tugging on her boyfriend’s cock as fast and as hard as she could. He began bucking his hips to meet her pumps and wildly thrust up and down in his chair. She squeezed his dick so hard it hurt her hands as he fucked her hand harder every second. The two were furiously stroking and bucking so hard that after just 30 seconds they both had worked up a sweat.

Selena was still unsure if he could actually cum before the 3 minute mark and knew that he loved to fuck her big natural tits. So, she helped him out by taking off her top and squeezing his cock in between her massive jugs. He was still bucking his hips up and down rapidly, but was now fucking her huge melons. Selena Star squeezed her big tits together and pressed his penis in the middle. She used her hands to meet his thrusts and moved her big tits up and down against his long white shaft. It was about the two minute mark when her boyfriend made some odd noises and his bucking went out of control!

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Selena Star Is Milking Santa’s Helper

Selena Star seduces a midget dressed as an elf

In this week’s update to ClubTug.com we’re given a brand new Christmas video and a high quality photo set. Selena Star is playing a neglected Mrs. Claus who is naughty to her husband Santa, but very nice to an elf!

Selena Star is a beautiful brunette with a curvy body and huge natural breasts. She’s playing the role of Mrs. Claus and looks spectacular in her revealing Christmas outfit that shows a massive amount of cleavage and barely covers her thick ass.

Selena Star lets an elf suck on her big tits while she gives him a handjobSelena Star lets a midget dressed as an elf titty fuck herSelena Star jerks off a midget dressed as an elf

Mrs. Claus is at her home in the North Pole getting ready for bed after a long day of baking cookies to feed all of Santa’s workers. She’s put on her sexiest Christmas lingerie to prepare for Santa to come home and fuck her good. Instead, one of Santa’s elves came to the house to inform Mrs. Claus that Santa was far too busy to make it home. Pouting, Mrs. Claus voices her frustration to the elf, “I never get to spend any time with Santa anymore!”

Trying to comfort Mrs. Claus, the tiny elf wraps his arms around her and snuggles close. He whispers sweet and reassuring words to Mrs. Claus and rubs his small hands up and down her back. The elf couldn’t help but to let his hand wander down further than it should and brush over the crack of Mrs. Claus’s ass. “You’re a naughty elf, aren’t you?” Mrs. Claus said as she sat the elf on her lap and started rubbing her hands up and down his tiny thighs. That’s when she noticed a bulge starting to appear near the elf’s crotch. It looked huge on his little body.

Mrs. Claus couldn’t restrain her desires any longer and grabbed the elf’s crotch, rubbing his cock through his pants. “Oh my, you’re quite big down there,” Mrs. Claus whispered to the elf. This elf had a small body, but was packing a normal sized man’s penis! She unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled them off his short legs. She sat the elf back down in the chair with no pants on and his hard cock standing straight up in the air. “Never tell Santa of this!” Mrs. Claus warned the elf. But, little did they both know, Santa’s naughty list was just updated with two new names and there was surely going to be hell to pay.

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